No matter what our age, we’re still a kid at heart. Wait, scratch that. We’re a Disney kid at heart. And while there are plenty of ways to get some Disney inspiration year-round, by the time Halloween rolls around, we’re ready to go all out with our Disney love. If you’ve got a pair of mouse ears tucked away in your closet and you can’t resist breaking out into “Let It Go,” we have a hunch you’ll love these looks. Scroll on for the best Disney-inspired makeup tutorials for makeup newbies and pros alike.

1. Snow White: Grab your boldest lip color and most dramatic brows and wow your friends by transforming into the fairest of them all. (via Emma Pickles)

2. Ariel: We’re all about the mermaid look, and who better to copy than the most famous mermaid of all? If you’re not feeling the red wig, we’ve got you covered with some beautiful mermaid hair-spiration. (via Syntheticcdoll)

3. Cheshire Cat: If purple is your favorite color, then we can’t think of a better costume for you this Halloween. (via Charisma Star)

4. Red Queen: Unleash the drama with a deliciously evil style inspired by Tim Burton’s take on the Red Queen. (via Jen Pike)

5. Jack Sparrow: This transformation has our jaws on the floor. This just goes to show that with just a few beauty tools, anyone can rock their inner Jack Sparrow for Halloween. (via Alyson Tabbitha)

6. Maleficent: Forget Angelina Jolie’s take on this famous villianess — we’re loving the green skin and bold lip of dope2111‘s Maleficent. (via dope2111)

7. Elsa: Frozen fever is still going strong, so you’ll have no problem finding a costume to match this winter-y makeup. We’ve even got the braid to match! (via dope2111)

8. Tiana: We can’t get over this beautiful Princess and the Frog-inspired makeup. Find your perfect red lip and try not to go around kissing any frogs this Halloween. (via themindcatcher)

9. Tinkerbell: You don’t need pixie dust to be Tink this year — just plenty of glitter. (via Carli Bybel)

10. Cruella de Vil: We love everything about this truly devilish getup. Dog lovers might cross the street when you see them, but this costume is totally worth it. (via Charisma Star)

11. Mulan: Michelle Phan has always been a favorite, but she’s really outdone herself with her Mulan costume. (via Michelle Phan)

12. Merida: Katniss Everdeen isn’t the only heroine with a penchant for a bow and arrow. With some fierce makeup and bouncy curls, you’ll be well on your way to this very Brave look. (via dope2111)

13. Meg: A sassy attitude isn’t the only thing you’ll need to go as Megara this year. Brizzy Voices has your hair and makeup routine covered, and we’ve got a few ideas for a DIY costume to go along with it. (via Brizzy Voices)

14. Belle: Ever since we heard Emma Watson would be playing this beautiful princess in an IRL remake, we’ve wanted to replicate the gorgeous look. This tutorial makes it easy to get everything from Belle’s signature makeup to her regal ‘do. (via Kayleigh Noelle)

15. Inside Out: Joy, Sadness, Disgust… no matter how you’re feeling this Halloween, there’s a makeup tutorial for you. Hunting for a DIY Inside Out costume? We’ve obviously got you covered! (via dope2111)

16. Anna: Elsa isn’t the only Frozen princess to dress up as this year. With braided pigtails and a wide-eyed look, all you need is a magical snowman companion to complete your Arendelle-royalty transformation. (via Alexa Poletti)

17. Sleeping Beauty: You’ll have no problem staying awake learning how to copy this incredible Princess Aurora tutorial. (via Makeup Geek)

18. Evil Queen: Who wants to be a princess when you can be a queen? Grab hold of a poison apple and take notes from this gorgeous makeup whiz. (via PICTURRESQUE I Regina)

19. Alice in Wonderland: Wander down the rabbit hole as Alice this year. We could see ourselves rocking this natural makeup all year! (via eki’s channel)

20. Minnie Mouse: Pair your Minne Mouse ears with a stunning red and yellow eye to rock the signature style of everyone’s favorite mouse. (via GlitterGirlC)

21. Ursula: Wowza! We can’t get over this dramatic Ursula-inspired tutorial. It’s got everything from the dramatic brows to the purple skin, making for one deliciously evil costume. (via dope2111)

What Disney-inspired look are you planning on rocking this Halloween? Let us know in the comments below!