To us, LEGOs will never, ever get old. We love that they come in food form and that we can pixelate any pic to make it look more LEGO-like. But the one thing we haven’t seen fully come to fruition yet is LEGO furniture — until now. Thanks to Everblock Systems, you can now have modular furniture for your apartment that actually looks really good!

Perfect for offices and tiny apartments (hello, New Yorkers!), and any other space where modular, easily changeable furniture might be an asset, Everblock’s blocks will help you express your creativity while finding some function in your space. We honestly can’t believe what #everblock uncovered — y’all are really creative out there on Instagram! Our favorites include a desk-headboard combo, a dividing wall, a bar and a side table. We love the idea of imagining (and reimagining) our furniture with no tools required. Talk about a rad green living concept!

As an economical option as well, the blocks range from $3-$6 each depending on their size. They come in 14 different colors, ranging from yellow to light blue to translucent, gold and silver options. And because they’ve truly thought of everything, the large blocks (12 inches) even have cable channels you can run wires through to make keeping your technology out of the way even more seamless. We are already dreaming up endless possibilities for real-life LEGO houses, gyms and offices.

Are you ready to build your own modular furniture? Tell us what you’d build with Everblock Systems in the comments below!

(Photos via @everblock)