Falling leaves and cool breezes aren’t the only things in the air this autumn. Love is too! If you recently got engaged or are about to tie the knot, there’s no better time to schedule a romantic photo shoot that celebrates your love story and showcases the season in all of its flaming red, orange and yellow glory. From snapping pretty pics at your local pumpkin patch to planning a couple’s campout, here are 17 fun ways to personalize your session while heading outside.

1. Leaf Tunnel: You’ll be walking down the aisle soon enough, but for now, let a tunnel of trees lead the way to true love. Scattered across the ground, leaves make for natural photo props or even aisle decor if you’re saying “I do” outdoors during the fall. (via Simply Sweet Photography)

2. Pumpkin Patch: Carve out some time to visit a nearby pumpkin patch with your one and only. You’ll find the perfect jack-o’-lantern gourd and capture some amazing memories on camera. (via Stripling Photography)

3. Couple’s Campout: Fall nights are just right for cuddling up with your sweetie in a tent made for two. Isn’t this silhouette shot just stunning? (via Brandon Kidd Photography)

4. Tractor Ride: Who knew a tractor ride could be so romantic? Steal the idea by selecting a farm setting and harvest theme for your photo shoot. If you’re planning a rustic wedding, you can also make a tractor your getaway vehicle as an unexpected way to roll off into the sunset. (via Jessica Burke)

5. Apple Orchard: An orchard photo shoot lets your sweetie know that he or she truly is the apple of your eye. (via Tealily Photography)

6. Colorful Canopy: Ready to “fall” all over again? Declare your love beneath a colorful canopy of leaves as tree reflections shimmer across a serene pond in the background. (via Style + Story Creative)

7. Furry Friend: Your family wouldn’t be complete without your fur baby, so it’s only right that she take center stage during your engagement session. Dress her up in a cute fall sweater for a look that’s especially adorable. (via Rachel Smith Photography)

8. Falling Leaves: Though it’s still too early for snowflakes, you can have just as much fun dancing and twirling while tossed leaves tumble toward the ground. (via Samm Blake)

9. Cozy Quilt: Don’t allow chilly temps to spoil your shoot. Grab a cozy quilt and let the warm moments begin. (via Amy Arrington Photography)

10. Pumpkin Save the Date: Pumpkins, silver paint and nature are all you need to recreate this phenomenal photo. Use it for save the date cards, or bookmark the idea for a super sweet pregnancy announcement later on. (via George Street Photo + Video)

11. Fall Finery: When it comes to planning an amazing autumn photo shoot, what you wear is just as important as the location you choose. In orange pants (him), plus a plaid flannel shirt and black tights (her), this duo is definitely ready to steal the spotlight. (via Amy Arrington Photography)

12. Canoeing: This photo is proof that gray, cloudy days can still lead to lovely pictures. Even if the sun isn’t shining, grab your honey and steal a smooch out on the water or someplace else that’s special. Who knows? You might even get caught in a shower for an unexpected photo op. (via Gina Brocker Photography)

13. Towering Waterfall: It doesn’t get much more spectacular than this. With a towering waterfall as your backdrop, it’s impossible not to capture photos that are canvas-print material. (via Jordan Voth Photography)

14. Bed of Leaves: Show off your gorgeous sparkler by displaying it on a bed of fallen leaves. It’ll look so pretty that your finger just might get a wee bit jealous. (via Robyn Van Dyke Photography)

15. Sweet S’mores: Nothing says fall lovin’ like toasting a scrumptious batch of s’mores over a backyard pit or campfire. Snag the idea to sweeten up your engagement shoot, and don’t even think about forgetting the mugs and hot cocoa. (via Austin Gros)

16. Coffee Cups: Start spreading the good news while getting your weekly PSL fix. This idea also works great on your actual wedding day. (via Natalie Franke Photography)

17. Lakeside Love: As your day draws to a close, take some time to relax and enjoy a fabulous fall sunset. Chillaxing lakeside is a particularly awesome way to make it happen. (via Austin Gros)

What’s your favorite fall engagement photo idea? Share some creative inspiration below.