If you鈥檙e a hardcore (or, frankly, even a casual) Gilmore Girls fan, you鈥檒l know the ladies of Stars Hollow like their coffee. A LOT. Like, loooooove their coffee. So much so that even the show鈥檚 first trailer for the reboot shows Lorelai and Rory 鈥 what else?! 鈥 drinking the sweet morning nectar. Which is exactly why the latest poster for the show鈥檚 new episodes is so perfect (never mind the fact that it was released on #NationalCoffeeDay).

Tweeted out by the peeps behind Gilmore Girls yesterday morning, the poster鈥檚 Twitter caption is definitely tongue-in-cheek (the GG team added, 鈥淒rink it. Shoot it. Eat it. Snort it. Whatever form it鈥檚 in, gimme. #NationalCoffeeDay.鈥 鈥 thanks, but we think we鈥檒l stick with drinking (or chewing?) coffee), but it鈥檚 more than enough to make us shiver with excitement 鈥 and not just because of the copious amounts of coffee we鈥檝e had this a.m.!

Don鈥檛 forget: Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life hits Netflix November 25.

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(h/t ET, photos via Netflix)