12 Times Zoe Saldana Proved She Has the Cutest Family on Instagram
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12 Times Zoe Saldana Proved She Has the Cutest Family on Instagram

It’s already abundantly clear that Zoe Saldana and her husband Marco Perego are a badass couple. Ever since she made headlines when her husband chose to take her last name — and responded to the haters in the best way possible — we’ve kinda been obsessing over her. Add twins Cy Aridio + Bowie Ezio into the modern couple’s appeal and you get a family that’s hard to ignore.

While we haven’t seen Cy + Bowie’s faces just yet, the Guardians of the Galaxy/Avatar/Star Trek actress still shares plenty of family moments on Instagram for the whole world to “Ooh” and “Aww” over, which is all we really want anyway ;) Who knows, by the time the little guys do make their debut it could be with a Marco #twinning shot. Check out some of our fave uploads straight from Zoe’s Instagram and see why we can’t get enough of this family of four.

1. She Shares Funny Mommy Moments: Seriously, what’s more relatably disgusting yet hilarious all at once than one of your kids vomiting all over you? Nothing.

2. Fam of Four Cuddle Sessions All Around: The family that cuddles togethers looks beyond adorable together.

3. Babies Make Every Picture More Lively: Smiling babies result in smiling mommies, producing too-cute-for-words photos.

4. Documenting Dancing Dad: Step aside, dancing queens — this dad has a captive audience and we are loving it.

5. Zoe Reveals Her Biggest Cheerleaders: When you’ve got a mom that goes on TV, you’re obviously gonna watch her… whether you can understand what’s she saying or not ;)

6. Twins Means Doubling Up, Exhibit A: This fam will never be riding anywhere near solo again.

7. Tiny Mascot Moments: Bet you didn’t know personalized uniforms came in such a small size.

8. Tummy Time Photo Shoot: Nothing better than hanging on the floor with your little babe.

9. The Hiking Fam Chronicles: And this is how you hike with newborns.

10. Meetings With Mommy: Mommy + me classes are so old news, right boys? ;)

11. Aquarium Birthday Parties for Everyone: See, celebs are just like us. They love animal-museum themed festivities.

12. Twin Cuddle Parties: Okay, you’ve gotta watch the Instagram video of these two cuddling. It’s beyond precious. Zoe, you + your fam win all the awards. <3

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(Photo via Pascal Le Segretain/Getty)