From interactive toothbrushes, to waterproof smartphones with heartbeat sensors to fitness trackers we’re seriously sweating, we’ve spent all week pining for the products getting their big reveals at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. But this one tops the list of things we can’t wait to get our hands on. Literally.

Japanese tech company Fujitsu revealed a new tablet that simulates different surfaces while you swipe the screen. Using ultrasonic waves that vibrate over the top of the display, the tablet changes the feeling against your fingers to be realistically slippery, bumpy or smooth to the touch.

Go from spinning records in da club to plucking strings on a Japanese harp. Tickle a crocodile’s back or click the dials on a lock. Our skin is crawling in a good-ish way just imagining it.

With technology like this, we foresee a lot of squeamish “Guess What You’re Touching” apps being trotted out at parties. But you could also make a tablet keyboard that feels like the real deal or a Kindle with pages you could turn. Even an e-reader that could be read using Braille.

What do you think we could do with this type of technology. And, seriously, would you reach out and touch this screen?!