#31DaysofDIY, Valentine’s Day prep and the excitement surrounding our first book, Homemakers — you could say January’s been a busy month for us. But you know what’s not busy? Our commute — what a snooze! Naturally we like to spice up our morning ritual by throwing in something different every day instead of endlessly scrolling through Insta, Twitter and FB. So go ahead. Check out our must downloads of the week.


1. Broad City: Season two returned last Wednesday and if you haven’t already seen the entire first season, get your binge-watch on through Comedy Central or Hulu so you’re up to speed with what’s going on with funny gal pals Abbi and Ilana. Trust us, the looks from your fellow commuters due to your hysterical laughs will totally be worth it.


2. Gilmore Guys Podcast: Yeah, Gilmore Girls is back on Netflix. You did know that, right? Whether you’re a new lover of all things Stars Hollow or an old-school fan, listen to this in-depth episodic podcast to get you through your morning route. Fans Kevin T. Porter and Demi Adejuyigbe go real deep into the lives of the girls while also throwing a little shade at the ladies.


3. Theo + Beau (+ Now Evvie): Remember how last year everyone went wild over the napping duo because… well, they’re adorable, DUH. Now the sleepy heads are a trio and things got even cuter than you can imagine. Try not to well up on the bus from the adorableness. It may make your seat buddy uncomfortable.


4. Truth Facts: It seems like we are always biting our tongues because we’re scared to offend. Live vicariously through these truth bomb charts to satisfy your public tongue taming.


5. Choose Your Own Adventure Twitter: The interactive books from our childhood were kind of like the best thing ever. Now there’s a 2015 version thanks to Twitter, and we are so hooked (sadly Gizmodo didn’t have a lot of luck). Your commute will fly by with this journey.

How will you be passing the time on your commute this week? Let us know in the comments.