After a heavy few episodes, it’s no surprise that Grey’s Anatomy gave us an hour of bros and boats and bonding, similar to the camping episode a few years ago. But we don’t totally live in that world. Amelia is worried about going back into the OR for the first time after her surgery, and Owen comforts her. It’s sad to watch them share such a careful moment with each other before reiterating their decision to divorce. Oh, and remember that paper Meredith wrote about Megan’s surgery? It apparently made the cover of the Journal of Surgical Advancement. Naturally, Meredith is glowing about this. Jackson is still smarting a little about his name being taken off, and Meredith makes a remark about how, with his money, he didn’t have to work to get on a cover. He could just buy it. Or a boat. Jackson takes this as a sign, and actually… buys a boat. Well, a yacht.

Meanwhile, Amelia’s first surgery? A mom of three with — you guessed it — a brain tumor! She freaks out and makes Tom, her mentor, stay even though he was going to leave. As for everyone else? Maggie, Arizon, and April decide to Tinder, and Karev, DeLuca, and Owen go with Jackson to check out his boat. And the big medical story for the evening? A girl named Danielle, who comes in for abdominal pain. The gang finds out she has a gun in her vagina (yes, you read that right) because apparently, she was trying to smuggle it to her boyfriend, who is in prison. Grey’s never ceases to amaze me. Arizona and April do end up “delivering” the gun safely, as everyone in the gallery cheers. Meredith, who has been trying a revolutionary transplant on a judge who deals with sexual assault cases, is successful as well in her surgery. Jo ends up asking him for advice about her own sexual abuse case, and becomes inspired by what he tells her. She tells Karev she’s seeking a divorce from her husband.

On the boat, the boys eat a lunch of raw fish (hey, whatever floats your boat) DeLuca admits his sister slept with Arizona. Jackson offers him a spot on his couch, since Sofia is moving back, and Ben admits that he applied for the fire training academy. Surprise (or not surprise, considering we know he’s going on to his own series), he got in. But Bailey doesn’t know. That’s not going to be a fun conversation to have. The boys are having so much fun on their boat that they totally forget about Webber’s intern mixer, showing up drunk at the last minute. Meredith shows up as well, on a more somber note, despite being told she actually won the Harper Avery award — before she was able to make her way down, Judge King suffered a clot and flatlined, unable to be saved. And Jackson? He pulls Bailey aside to tell her that he’s giving her money to start her OWN surgical competition.

Sometimes, it pays to have money. Or, you know, just have a boat. I don’t think this money is going to help Bailey feel better when Jason tells her he’s leaving for the fire training academy and giving up surgery, but maybe Bailey can join the Tinder swiping parties of Maggie, Arizona, and April. After all, the girls need a day out too, right?

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