So you’re hosting over the holidays. Yay! Yay? Whether it’s a last-minute affair where they crash on the couch or you actually have the luxury of setting up a guest room, it’s always nice to go that extra mile to make sure everyone sleeps well. From the couch to the futon to the ever-dreaded air mattress, here is a list of 20 essentials that will make the night not only bearable, but super comfortable.

Air Mattress

This is probably everyone’s least favorite bed option. No one likes ending up flat on the floor… unless it’s from eggnog, of course.

1. Cable Knit Pillow ($169): Set the air mattress up against the wall and create a faux headboard by placing the mattress in front of a wall and making a backrest with big pillows.

2. DIY Rug Hack: It’s not fun to chase the bed around the room. Most air mattresses have vinyl or plastic underneath, which squeaks on hardwood floor. Put the mattress on a throw rug, even if you have carpet, to give the illusion of a room. (via Brit + Co)

3. DIY Hexagon Tile Tray: When you’re sleeping on the floor, a side table is going to be way too tall. Give guests a convenient place to store their glasses, books and all-important snacks within arm’s reach. (via Proper)

4. Comfort Revolution Mattress Topper ($33): Really treat your guests by adding an extra layer of cushion to that knobby air mattress with a soft mattress topper like this one.


Even though it’s the living room — aka the holiday lounge — it also has to become a cozy little guest bed in a matter of minutes every night.

1. DIY Folding Camp Chair: You probably don’t want to rearrange your living room furniture every evening. A folding table is the perfect option to pop open and set up next to the couch. Add a tray for hot drinks and phone storage. (via How About Orange)

2. Sleeping Mask ($7): Since the couch is in prime real estate, it’s likely there will be some people sneaking past to get into the fridge for late-night snacks. Anyone sleeping on the couch deserves a sleeping mask to try and maximize their shut-eye.

3. Pillow Top Mattress ($249): Since you’re not decorating a whole guest room, you should do the honorable thing and splurge on a pillow top mattress to make that saggy couch just a little more comfortable.

4. Classic Station ($30): Ensure their phone doesn’t fall into the bottomless abyss that is the couch and give your guests a place to store and charge their life lines.


Futons are a convenient way to have a little extra sleeping room for occasional guests, but they may look out of place when they’re not made up as a bed. Camouflage the futon with throw blankets and good lighting to make it blend into the living room.

1. DIY Pendant Light: Make the futon a little cozier with some extra lighting. If you don’t want to move around your whole living room setup, hang one of these pendant lights instead. (via The Source)

2. Reindeer Pillow ($34): Give the futon a festive update with a couple holiday throw pillows that totally transition into living room decor.

3. Woven Geo Basket ($69): It’s never fun to be frozen in a strange house, so make sure your guests are happy and warm by keeping a basket of blankets next to the futon.

4. Throw Blanket ($70): They’ll wake up feeling like a million bucks with the comfort of this ultra soft and cozy throw blanket.

Pull-Out Couch

Not quite a bed but a little bit better than a couch, the pull-out couch is pretty easy to decorate. You just want to create a space that is as close to feeling like a room as possible and give them extra storage so their stuff doesn’t take over the living room.

1. DIY Reupholstered Ottoman: When you have guests “camping” in the living room, you can get creative with the rest of your furniture. An ottoman makes a great bedside table option, especially if it opens up into extra blanket and pillow storage. (via Brit + Co)

2. Cedar + Sage Candle ($22): Because the devil is in the details, little touches like scented candles and a cute box of matches are always appreciated. Give them the option of some cozy mood lighting when everyone else has finally left the living room — err, their bedroom.

3. Round Bolster Pillow ($42): The worst part of the pull-out couch is all those exposed metal parts that are begging to meet innocent toes. Pad all the open cracks and offer extra support with bolster pillows.

4. DIY Velcro Bedskirt: Cover up that ugly metal frame and elevate the look with a temporary bedskirt that is easy to pull off when it’s time to fold the bed back into the couch. (via A Beautiful Mess)


Lucky you, you get to decorate an *actual* bedroom. Pimp out the night stand tables with lamps, books and fresh flowers and get ready to win major hostess points.

1. Star Tapestry ($69): Create the illusion of a headboard by hanging a tapestry behind to the bed. You could also use a wall hanging to create a sense of privacy if you’re setting up the guest bed in a studio apartment or the living room.

2. DIY Copper Lamp: Show off your DIY skills by setting one of these trendy lamps on the night stand. Add a pile of good books and you’ll buy yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to get breakfast ready. (via Brit + Co)

3. DIY Eye Slippers: Give your guests the VIP treatment by gifting them a pair of these cute slippers to slip on in the morning. Warm feet = happy guests. (via Almost Makes Perfect)

4. DIY Bouquet: Fresh flowers are a welcome addition to any of the guest bed options, and with this quick DIY you’ll be wrapping up bouquets like a pro. (via Brit + Co)

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