There are few things we love more than a simple hair hack — whether it upgrades your everyday ‘do, gets you out the door in five minutes or helps you transition from short to long hair. So how about one more for the list? Today, we’ve got 17 headband alternatives requiring nothing more than your hair and the occasional bobby pin or hair elastic. You read that right: 17 headbands made from your own hair. Let’s begin.

1. The Loose Twist: For a romantic and effortless ‘do, loosely twist your locks from the top of your forehead to the back of your head. Finish off the look by lightly curling the rest of your tresses. (via Hair Romance)

2. Hippie Headband: Channel your inner flower child with a chunky braid and messy waves. (via All Women Stalk)

3. Bohemian Twist Back: If you’re a middle-parter, twist back second-day hair for a headband that’s symmetrical, textured and boho chic. (via Twist Me Pretty)

4. High and Tight: Forget about “The Rachel.” Instead, copy this version of “The Jennifer,” a tight, thin braid supported by a heck of a lot of volume. (via Daily Makeover)

5. Do the Twist: Tie back your hair and keep it in place with this full-circle twist. (via Divine Caroline)

6. Tight Rope: If you’re looking for a sleeker way to keep your locks away from your face, create a tight braid, wrap it around the edge of your hairline and secure to the back of your neck. (via Ducklings in a Row)

7. French Braid Crown: Upgrade the boring ponytail to a French braid crown for red carpet-worthy style. (via Style Craze)

8. French Braid Side Twist: What’s the best way to hide those side-swept bangs? Twist ’em up and braid ’em back. (via Brit + Co)

9. Pigtail Braided Bonnet: It’s hard to see from this image, but this headband is created with two pigtail braids. Because you’re never too old for pigtails. Seriously. (via PoPular Haircuts)

10. Half Dutch Braid: Make a bold statement with a chunky braided headband that lines the edge of your forehead. Bonus: This tutorial has three additional braided headband options (think French, Lace and Full Dutch). (via Missy Sue)

11. Game of Thrones-Inspired: Create a Game of Thrones-inspired look with a braided headband pushed away from your hairline. (via Angel Style)

12. Halo Braid: “Baby I can see your halo…” Need we say (err, sing) more? (via Wedding Chicks)

13. Four Fishtails: Wrap four mini fishtails around your head to really keep those flyaways from… flying away. (via Beauty High)

14. Bumpin’ Bangs: Separate your bangs from your va-va-voluminous updo with a romantic double braid. (via Keiko Lynn)

15. Waterfall Web: Wear your hair loose and low with this ever-so-romantic waterfall braided bun. (via Oh the Lovely Things)

16. Waterfall Topknot: Is there a girl in the world who doesn’t love a good topknot? Rather than going for the old standby, up your game by keeping fly-aways out of your face with this little trick. (via Twist Me Pretty)

17. And That’s A Wrap! For our last trick, we’re taking our mini braid and wrapping it around our forehead. Done and done. (via Brit + Co)

Do you have other ways of making a headband with your own hair? Tell us below — and don’t forget your photos!