There鈥檚 no denying a maker crush. Symptoms include: You follow them on Instagram, you read their personal blog and your friends and family know exactly what you want for Christmas (hint: all their goodies). We have a lot of #MakerCrushes here at Brit + Co, and one of our local loves is Carrie Caillouette of Half Hitch Goods.

Carrie drove up to Fort Mason last weekend and parked her 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon at our Re:Make Festival. There鈥檚 NO WAY you could have missed her cool setup. And that鈥檚 how most of her weekends go! Carrie can typically be found somewhere in the Bay Area selling homemade, heirloom products from her 鈥淩olling Shoppe.鈥

So what is in Half Hitch Goods鈥 super sweet Volkswagen van? Carrie wants to emphasize the power of intentional gift giving by connecting consumers with handmade products. Tell us more, right? According to Carrie, the secret to great gifting is finding personal things that have meaningful product stories, which makes them more significant.

She is totally on to something here. Some of the best gifts we have ever received weren鈥檛 mass-produced consumer products. We often cherish handmade jewelry pieces and products associated with memories instead of shopping malls.

Watching Carrie interact with customers at Re:Make, it鈥檚 clear that she loves what she is doing. 鈥淚 feel like I鈥檓 playing more often than working,鈥 Carrie said. We feel the same way!

She also shared a bit of advice for others that are looking to live the hashtag #iamcreative: 鈥淚f you can鈥檛 stop thinking about it, don鈥檛 stop working for it. There is always a big leap when moving into your passion as your life鈥檚 work.鈥 Carrie recommends talking to other makers and your own creative community, and to get connected, present your ideas and ask for feedback.

How鈥檚 that for a mini pep-talk? We just love what Carrie is setting out to accomplish with Half Hitch Goods and the stories she tells through products. Be sure to check out her website to find out where Carrie will pop up next.

What do you think of Carrie鈥檚 鈥淩olling Shoppe?鈥 Let us know in the comments below.

(Photos by聽Ashley Batz Photography)