Halloween may come around only once a year (sadly!), but that doesn鈥檛 mean that you can鈥檛 celebrate the occasion in a really big BIG way. This year, it鈥檚 all about planning a great big party that will surely knock the socks off anyone who鈥檚 still pretending like this is 鈥渏ust a kid鈥檚 holiday.鈥 To accomplish your goal, you鈥檙e going to need some sweet and savory Halloween treats and some BOO-zy cocktails, but you can鈥檛 forget your pi猫ce de resistance and serve up some delectable Halloween cakes to complete the party. Now just don your last-minute costume (because who has time to make one when you鈥檙e doing all this baking?), and get ready to celebrate one SCARY good time.

candy corn slice of bundt Halloween cake (1)

1. Candy Corn Bundt Cake: Whether you鈥檙e a candy corn lover well into your adult years or have forsaken the classic Halloween candy, this cake will remind you of it in the BEST way. The swirly Bundt colors are also sure to delight friends who are fans of the 鈥減eekaboo鈥 cake tradition. (via A Baker鈥檚 House)

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Halloween Cake

2. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Drip Cake: Is there anything better than taking everyone鈥檚 favorite candy and putting it on a cake? No, indeed there is not. Whether you make this pre-holiday or with all of your leftover candy, this cake is sure to please. (via I Say Nomato)


3. Spiderweb Cake: The traditional Halloween colors of orange and black look mighty *fine* underneath this layered spiderweb cake. Pro tip: Use this same technique to create adorable decorations on top of all of your Halloween cupcakes too. (via Liv for Cake)

monster_eye_halloween_cake_2 (1)

4. Monster Eye Cake: Scary eyeballs are a traditional Halloween decoration, and your house will look extra spooky thanks to this monstrous cake. Don鈥檛 worry, we鈥檒l look away when one or two of those Oreo cookies accidentally get eaten first鈥 (via The Cake Blog)

Melted-Witch-Halloween_Cake-2B (1)

5. Melted Witch Cake: What happens when Dorothy decides to throw a fabulous Halloween party instead of going home to Kansas? That鈥檚 what this melted witch cake is for! Don鈥檛 be surprised when your guests鈥 mouths drop open at the sight of this oh-so-pretty dessert. (via The First Year)

Dark-Chocolate-Halloween-Cake-with-Nutella-Buttercream-tasteandtellblog.com-1 (1)

6. Dark Chocolate Cake With Nutella Buttercream: Dark chocolate and Nutella are enough to wow even the biggest Halloween party poopers. The spooky eyes add an extra dose of SCARY to your decorated sweet. (via Taste and Tell)

Jack-Skellington-Halloween-Cake-3 (1)

7. Jack Skellington Cake: If you鈥檙e the kind of person to watch Nightmare Before Christmas every Halloween (and who *isn鈥檛* that kind of person?!), then you鈥檒l simply delight in this cake recreation of our favorite skeleton. Whether you view the cake from the top or the beautiful layers inside, it鈥檚 a dessert you won鈥檛 want to miss. (via Bombshell Bling)

Halloween Candy Cake (1)

8. Halloween Candy Cake: Pumpkins and candy go together, right? A Halloween party isn鈥檛 complete without plenty of candy, and this cake isn鈥檛 complete without it either. Decorate your faux Jack o鈥 Lantern with whatever鈥檚 on hand, and just watch as your kiddies gobble it up. (via Cookies & Cups)

15601704035_f4c9f86351_c (1)

9. Halloween Bundt Cake: Just because it鈥檚 Halloween doesn鈥檛 mean that absolutely EVERYTHING has to be dark and spooky, right? This neon-colored Bundt cake brings all of the splendor of Halloween alongside some neon colors that are sure to make your party guests glow with delight. (via Love Bakes Good Cakes)

vampire-red-velvet-halloween-cake-13 (1)

10. Vamp Attack Halloween Cake: A red velvet cake may not be an obvious pick for a Halloween party, but it will be once you make this vampire attack-inspired dessert. In fact, we would go so far as to say that it鈥檚 bloody beautiful鈥 Get it? (via Butter Hearts Sugar)

spooky-spiderweb-cake-6 (1)

11. Spooky Spiderweb Cake: Spiders are a standby for Halloween decorations, so why not do the same when decorating your cake? Pretty colors are made even prettier by the spiderweb effect that will have all of the kiddies almost too afraid to eat this beaut. (via Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt)

spider_web_cake_61 (1)

12. Marshmallow Cobweb Cake: The other thing you can do with a spider is create a too-gorgeous-for-words cobweb cake to enjoy at any Halloween-themed gathering. You would have never guessed that it鈥檚 this easy to make a beautiful white cake even more beautiful with marshmallows, but here it is! (via The Cake Blog)

candy corn tuxedo cake 4 (1)

13. Candy Corn Tuxedo Cake: A tuxedo cake is made extra special with the addition of candy corny-looking layers. You don鈥檛 need to love actual candy corn to enjoy this beauty, but you MAY want to make extras for everyone that asks for a slice to take home for later. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

10414010626_046036d567_c (1)

14. Black Velvet Cake: Who needs a red velvet cake when a black velvet cake is the perfect way to celebrate All Hallow鈥檚 Eve? Pro tip: Buy sprinkles in your favorite colors, then save the leftovers for that Halloween candy bark you鈥檝e always wanted to make. (via Heather Christo)


15. Chocolate Fudge Cake With Ghost Meringues: Just say it with us: How CUTE are these meringue ghosts?! It鈥檚 too bad that this holiday actually comes around once a year, because these are adorable enough to recreate over and over and over again鈥 (via Pastry Affair)


16. Midnight Cookies & Cream Cake: Pretend to be Cinderella running away from the stroke of midnight or dress up as Prince Charming. Either way, the perfect Halloween dress-up dessert is this midnight cake that takes our favorite ice cream flavor and turns it into a simple delight. (via Sweetapolita)

openslicedglam581 (1)

17. Glam Rock Layer Cake: Part of the Halloween party spirit is about celebrating this spooky holiday while dressing up and living it up. Although it may not be exactly the most traditional move, you can glam up any gathering with this layer cake full of joy, sprinkles and LOTS of flavor. (via Sweetapolita)

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