Your Halloween costume probably includes a mask, wig or face paint. But there鈥檚 one form of disguise that often gets overlooked: temporary tattoos! They鈥檙e much simpler than intricate face painting, and they鈥檙e smudge proof! We鈥檝e found some of the best temp tats to enhance your costume this year.

1.聽Winged Insects: Going for a grown-up look with a touch of creep factor? These DIY intricate insects bring some serious shock value. (via Martha Stewart)

2.聽Game of Thrones, House Stark聽($15): This GOT shield chest tattoo looks so legit. People might think that your ink is the real deal and you鈥檒l be a hit among GOT lovers. (via聽Etsy)

3.聽Wonder Woman Headband ($4.99): Wig+headband can equal uncountable mirror checks, but with the headband in tattoo form, there鈥檚 less for you to fidget with. Now you can focus on the real superhero stuff. (via Official Costumes)

4.聽Sugar Skull: This full-faced tatt is a tribute to the most celebrated icon of the Day of the Dead. An elaborate sugar skull tatt paired with a flower crown and an LBD can be a gorgeous costume that looks more difficult than it is. (via Ebay)

5.聽Creepy Crawlies ($5): Even if you鈥檙e going to a fancy Halloween shindig, these little spiders could give your look a little scare tactic. (via Etsy)

6.聽Rosie the Riveter ($5): Going for the classic Rosie look? Stand out from the crowd with your mantra tattooed right on your forearm. (via Tattly)

7.聽Slash ($25): Yes, of course ladies can go as Slash for Halloween. Get the tatts you need to make your costume more realistic. (via Etsy)

8.聽Nightmare Before Christmas ($12): Show your love for this Halloween classic with a half-sleeve Jack Skeleton tattoo. (via Etsy)

9.聽Go Nautical ($12): Whether you鈥檙e going as a pirate or a sailor, show your love for the seven seas with any or all of these realistic, nautical tatts. (via Etsy)

10.聽Blue Crystal Carnival Mask ($15): Your mask won鈥檛 cover up your makeup when it kind of is your makeup. This blinged out mask tattoo has got 鈥渕ystery lady鈥 written all over it. (via Etsy)

11.聽Leopard Eyeshadow ($4): This is one way your classic cat costume can go glam. We love this leopard look without the need of a steady hand for face paint or makeup. (via Etsy)

12.聽Mini Finger Mustache ($3): May the 鈥榮tache trend never die. This is the ultimate last-minute costume if you want to go as a hipster for Halloween. (via Etsy)

13.聽Scarecrow Makeup ($13): How adorable? With a floppy hat, plaid shirt and jeans, you鈥檙e a scarecrow just like that! (via Etsy)

14.聽Spiderweb Tattoo ($7): Even if you鈥檙e not going full-costume for Halloween, this is a fun creepy touch. You can put it on your shoulder or try it on the back of your neck or on the back of your shoulder. (via Etsy)

15.聽DIY Spiders: This can seriously make anything you鈥檙e wearing super frightful. From your fingertips to your hairline, these huge spiders add some serious drama. (via Martha Stewart)

16.聽Skull and Crossbones ($5): This is the classic sign of something dangerous, so if danger is your thing take this tatt for 聽a spin. (via Tattly)

17.聽Dapper Mustache ($4): Guy or gal, you can鈥檛 deny the old-timey dapperness of a handlebar mustache. If you can鈥檛 grow one yourself, slap this on for the night. (via Etsy)

18.聽Lip Tattoos ($10): Celebs love these lipstick substitutes. You don鈥檛 need to re-apply or touch up lip tattoos! They stay on all night. (via Violent Lips)

19.聽Kitty Face ($5): For you or the kiddos, why not try a cat face? Whiskers included. (via Tattly)

20.聽Harry Potter Death Eater ($10): Die hard Harry Potter聽fan? For one night, you can pledge your allegiance to the dark side. (via Etsy)

21.聽Cake Tattoos: We got a little tattoo happy over here and couldn鈥檛 help but share this epic cake tattoo method. Cake decorating can be tricky, but with a tattoo, it鈥檚 a cinch! (via Martha Stewart)

Do you have a temporary tattoo perfect for Halloween? Let us know down below!