Harry Potter fans listen up: an enterprising team of inventors have come up with a wizard’s wand that actually works IRL. Yes, really. Unlike those mythical wands in the book and movie series, the magic in this super powered stick is accessed via a built-in motion sensor that tethers to your phone.


In an effort that would no doubt make Dumbledore proud, the game developers at Maguss have launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for a physical wand to be used for face-to-face or online role-play in spell casting competitions. The spell-offs are set to take place in a virtual battle arena.

As Maguss explains it, various spells are cast by performing the correct motion for each one while aiming at the opponent. The wand sends an infrared signal mirrored by a receiver worn by every wizard in play. Subsequently, the primary user’s smartphone forwards the received data to the Magnuss servers for processing. When the signal is sent back to the user, the app displays which spells were cast and what happened as a result.

Wizard Wand

Hoping to offer three game modes with varying degrees of difficulty, the crowdfunding campaign has some time left to reach its goal. To snap up your own wand (or gift one to the Harry Potter enthusiast in your life), you’ll need to pledge at least $57. But then, if you end up being a great wizard, maybe you can cast a spell to make that money reappear?

Are you psyched to see how your wizardry skills stack up against Harry, Hermione and Ronald? Geek out in the comments below!