We LOVE Instagram for improving our daily lives. From accounts that will add zen to your life to accounts that will make you smile, this app is not short of inspiration. Sometimes, we just need an extra push to remind us to eat our veggies or to slather on the sunscreen. Luckily, a beautiful photo from one of these 15 healthy Instagrammers will do just that. From badass fitness instructors to queens of the kitchen, these Instagram accounts will be awesome additions to your feed.

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1. @nutritionhappens: May Zhu ALWAYS has our mouths watering with her gorgeous, healthy Instagram feed. She’s definitely a must-follow.


2. @fitfoodiefinds: Lee Hersh doesn’t just share her delicious recipes and clean-eating meals, but she includes her awesome workouts as well. She is known for lightening up our favorite dishes (i.e., these delish chocolate chip pancakes).


3. @andiemmitchell: The blogger behind Can You Stay For Dinner and author behind It Was Me All Along, Andie Mitchell shows us that EVERY food has a place in our diets. She showcases recipes from her blog and foods from her travels.

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4. @immaeatthat: Houston-based Dietitian Kylie Mitchell is all about balance. She loves her green smoothies as much as she loves pizza and ice cream, and we love her healthy(ish) way of thinking!

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5. @KristineCiard: We’d be lying if we said we don’t have food envy every time Kristine’s photos pop up on our feed. Our favorite part about her Instagram? She outlines each ingredient in her meal, where she got the recipe from and/or how she prepared it so we can recreate it on our own.


6. @LivingMintGreen: Joanna gives us wanderlust every day with her adventurous ‘grams from the Canadian Rockies. If you need inspiration to get outside, she’s definitely the girl to follow.


7. @primalpalate: From these fish tacos made with coconut flour tortillas to chocolate cake, Primal Palate makes our favorite dishes paleo-friendly and delicious.

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8. @robinnyc: This former lawyer is now the head coach at NYC’s Peloton Cycle. Robin will make you want to get moving with her feed full of bike rides, runs and inspirational quotes.


9. @runningonveggies: This (mostly) plant-based athlete names Olympian Kara Goucher amongst her friends. Her recipes are vegan versions of some of our faves, including pizzas, blueberry muffins and even Almond Joy bars!


10. @shutthekaleup: Jeannette can always be counted on for delicious, seasonal meals and new grocery store treats on her feed.


11. @TheAlmondEater: This barre instructor and food blogger from Pittsburgh, PA makes healthy living look easy AND fun. Her bright feed features deliciously simple + healthy eats and treats and some incredible workout routines.

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12. @thehealthymaven: Davida’s Instagram feed doesn’t just stop at healthy recipes and shots of her workouts. She also features her DIY home beauty products like dry shampoo, face masks and sunscreen. Be sure to check out her blog too.


13. @ohsheglows: Don’t mind us while we whip up every recipe found on this vegan blogger and cookbook writer’s feed. She makes plant-based eating not only delicious, but beautiful as well.

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14. @nomnompaleo: Followers of the Paleo diet and omnivores alike will love this feed. We’re double-tapping each photo from this James Beard-nominated cookbook writer.


15. @sproutedkitchen: Sara Forte’s Instagram always has us hungry — for healthy food, of course! The giant salads and bowls of fresh berries will inspire you to keep your diet fresh.

Do you follow any of these Instagram accounts? What other healthy Instagram accounts would you recommend?