Technology is, in many ways, our BFF. It can help you find your next apartment based on commute or even customize your headphones to your ears. But the downside is, we’re totally dependent. If you need proof of how reliant we all are on technology, look no further than this morning’s Google Calendar mishap. The service was down across the world, and (we can only assume that) everybody was lost, late to their meetings and the workday was cancelled until further notice.

For hours while the service was down this morning, users were greeted with a blank screen of death and no hope for the immediate future. Meetings were (presumably) missed, and productivity seemed to have taken its last breath. Users everywhere collectively freaked out.

Of course, some people decided to go ahead and have fun with it, because why not?

Now calendar is back up for some users, but not all, and it’s not immediately clear why it went down in the first place. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who still doesn’t have access, you can keep an eye on repairs here. With the restored service, we’re just desperately trying to reschedule all our lost meetings.

Everybody back to work.

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(h/t Mashable, photo via Getty)