We’re just hours away from the next season of The Bachelor, which means it’s time to start getting to know the ladies who will be vying for Nick Viall’s heart. With the former underdog revealing that he’s “definitely found love” and with buzz saying he’s already engaged (eee!), here’s where you can follow the 30 contestants on social media to try to nail down who you think should/will be given a rose in the end.

First, before we get to the ladies, here’s where you can follow Nick himself…

Twitter: @viallnicholas28

Instagram: @nickviall

Snapchat: nickviall

Now, here are the gals…

Alexis Waters

Instagram: @awatazzz

Angela Amezcua

Twitter: @angkay7

Instagram: @angkay7

Astrid Loch

Twitter: @astrid_loch

Instagram: @astridloch

Briana Guertler

Instagram: @lilbricheez

Snapchat: lilbricheez

Brittany Farrar

Twitter: @BritFarrar13

Instagram: @brittany_paige913

Bachelor _ Christen

Christen Whitney

Twitter: @christen_mae_

Instagram: @christen_mae

Snapchat: christenmae

Corinne Olympios

Twitter: @CorinneOly

Instagram: @colympios

Snapchat: Colympios

Danielle Lombard

Instagram: @daniellellombard

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☀️ s q u i n t z ☀️ #redrocks

A post shared by Danielle Maltby (@dmmaltby) on

Danielle Maltby

Twitter: @daniellemmaltby

Instagram: @dmmaltby

Liz Sandos

Instagram: @aromancedlife

Elizabeth Whitelaw

Twitter: @ALillibetATweet

Instagram: @elizabethwhitelaw

Snapchat: elizabethw22

Jasmine Goode

Twitter: @jasminegoode24

Instagram: @jasminegoode_

Snapchat: jas_goode

Jasmine Brown

Instagram: @jasmine_channel

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Come sit with me ❤️

A post shared by Jaimi King (@msjaimiking) on

Jaimi King

Twitter: @king_jaims

Instagram: @msjaimiking

Ida Marie Santos

Instagram: @idaaamariiee

Hailey Merkt

Twitter: @haileymerkt

Instagram: @hageymeister

Snapchat: haileymerkt

Josephine Tutman

Instagram: @josephinetutman

Snapchat: joleah92

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When your team loses, calories don't count 💙 #BBN

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Kristina Schulman

Twitter: @kristinaschulma

Instagram: @kristinaschulman

Snapchat: kristinaschulma

Lauren Hussey

Twitter: @laurenreneehuss

Instagram: @lauren.renee.hussey

Snapchat: laurenreneehuss

Michelle Ramkissoon

Twitter: @meeechellle_

Olivia Burnette

Twitter: @Livibtweetin

Instagram: @olivia__burnette

Snapchat: liveybsnappin

Raven Gates

Twitter: @RavenxGates

Instagram: @ravennicolegates

Snapchat: ravengates

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f a l l so hard 🎃

A post shared by Sarah Vendal (@sarahvendal) on

Sarah Vendal

Twitter: @sarah_vendal

Instagram: @sarahvendal

Snapchat: sarahvendal

Susannah Milan

Twitter: @SusiegMilan

Instagram: @susiegmilan

Taylor Nolan

Twitter: @taymocha

Instagram: @taymocha

Bachelor _ Vanessa

Vanessa Grimaldi

Twitter: @vanessagrimaldi

Whitney Fransway

Twitter: @WhitneyFransway

Instagram: @whitneyfransway

Snapchat: whitneyfransway

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(h/t Pop Sugar; photo via ABC)