Admit it, the music festival scene is just as much about what you wear as it is who you see. Sure you were front row a Drake’s show last year but were you wearing your cutest pair sandals and wide-brimmed hat? With those summer festival dates quickly coming back around, it’s getting to be time to whip you wardrobe into Coachella shape. To make that process extra easy, H&M has just released their newest H&M Loves Coachella collection.

coachella hm 2

Back for the second year in a row, the collection immediately channels that ultra boho, California vibe. You’ll find folk-inspired blouses, a pair of shortalls, a crocheted top, easy throw on tees and surprisingly a pair of denim Bermuda shorts (does this mean Daisy Dukes are gone for good?). Basically, think Kate Bosworth’s wardrobe on a budget.

coachella hm 3

Should you find yourself down in Indio for Coachella only to quickly realize your wardrobe is not quite up to par, don’t sweat it. H&M will have a pop-up shop on-site during both weekend one and two. However, if you want to get first dibs on the sophomore collection, it launches in-store online on March 31.

coachella hm 1

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(Photo via H&M)