Truth: Pinning down the perfect gift for the fussy hipster in your life is no easy task (is their favorite coffee cold brew or pour over 鈥 I can鈥檛 remember!). But have no fear. There are plenty of stylish, rad and practical gifts out there that feel anything but mainstream 鈥 the all-important consideration when buying for your beloved 鈥渂ohemian鈥 bud. From funky subscription services that鈥檒l keep them ahead of the cultural curve to beer-making kits and a plethora of handmade items (embellished with mustaches, of course), these 22 gifts for the hipster guy in your life will earn you major props with your alternative ami. Because you can do better than a six-pack of PBR.

1. How to Make Coffee by Lani Kingston ($19): Ever since his fave neighborhood coffee joint was 鈥渄iscovered鈥 by the masses, your bud鈥檚 morning cup of Joe just hasn鈥檛 been the same 鈥 there鈥檚 a subtle tone of 鈥渟ellout鈥 in his single-origin brew (or so he says). Lift his hipster spirits with a book dedicated to mastering the fine art of coffee brewing at home. He鈥檒l be preaching the virtues of the do-it-yourself pot in no time.

2. Impossible聽Round Frame Gold Film for聽600 ($28): If you thought Polaroid photos couldn鈥檛 get any cooler (hard to believe 鈥 we know), think again. The insta pics get an ultra glam makeover with gilded circular frames. Just one more reason that old school trumps new school.

3. vnyl Membership (starting at $22): Probably the coolest subscription service out there, vnyl will hook your guy up with a selection of carefully curated records every month. Now staying on top of the indie scene will be easier than ever.

4. Timbuk2 Sunset Backpack ($82): Bike bags will no doubt cramp his fixie鈥檚 style, so an on-point backpack is a must. This Timbuk2 number isn鈥檛 just easy on the eyes 鈥 it also boasts magnetic snaps, a laptop sleeve and plenty of space to stash all of his essentials.

5. Brooklyn Brew Shop Everyday IPA Beer Making Kit ($40): The one thing that just might derail his bizarre obsession with the cult classic PBR 鈥 a few homemade brewskis.

6. Portland Shave Soap ($24): Keep his beard or sweet 鈥榮tache looking fly with a little old-fashioned shave soap. PH-balanced and paraben-free, it鈥檚 formulated to leave skin feeling smooth and shipshape (it鈥檚 the seaweed extract that really does the trick). Feeling extra fancy? Throw in this shave brush ($38) and lathering shave bowl ($38).

7. Luckies of London Smartphone Projector ($32): Why bother investing in a big-screen TV when you have a perfectly good wall and a smartphone (crack-free screens being key here)? Movie nights are about to get a whole lot more interesting.

8. Topman Mid Wash Borg Denim Jacket ($120): With denim, shearling and a classic silhouette, you really can鈥檛 go wrong. No doubt this timeless topper will perfectly complement all the band tees kickin鈥 it in his closet.

9. Areaware Timber Bottle Axe ($18): A bottle opener will always serve him well, whether he鈥檚 crackin鈥 open a craft brew or a bottle of his favorite pop. An axe-shaped number doesn鈥檛 just pack plenty of utility 鈥 it鈥檒l let him tap into his outdoorsy side too (kind of).

10. Gentlemen鈥檚 Hardware Credit Card Tool ($15): Who needs a whole set of tools when you can have this pint-sized, do-it-all gadget instead? With this in tow, your free-spirited friend will earn handyman status stat.

11. Morihata Small Chikuno Cube House ($68): This sneaky little sculpture actually doubles as an air purifier that can be used anywhere from closets to bathrooms to bedrooms, and even the fridge. Maybe save this one for a mate that thinks chaos (read: mess and funky smells) generates creativity.

12. Peg & Awl Marlowe Lunch Bag ($44): Graduate your hip hipster鈥檚 lunch into grown-up territory with an easy-to-clean canvas lunch bag he鈥檒l use again and again.

13. Satta Squash Tail Palm Board ($221): This stunner of a board is hand-carved in Brixton, UK with solid oak, so he鈥檒l be coastin鈥 in style.

14. Stapleford Roan Printed Flannel Button-Down聽Shirt ($54): For those times when all the flannel is in the wash, this woven cotton top will do his sartorial sensibilities proud.

15. Mantry Subscription (starting at $75): Like Birchbox for the culinary enthusiast, Mantry will deliver six full-size artisanal food products and a custom manual detailing product stories and recipes straight to his door 鈥 wrapped in a handmade wooden crate, no less.

16. Field Notes Expedition Pack ($10): With waterproof and tear-proof paper, these pocket-size notebooks will keep his notes, ideas and sketches safe and sound, rain or shine.

17. Hella Slingshots ($34): If you plan gifting this handmade mischief-maker to your mate, just make sure he doesn鈥檛 shoot his eye out.

18. Bruer Coffee Cold Brewer ($80): What your fave hipster doesn鈥檛 know is that this cold brewer is really your sneaky way of getting someone else to make your cool cup of joe.

19. ASOS Bobble Beanie in Mustard Wool Mix Twist ($18): Give him the gift of warmth this season with a cozy woolen hat and a playful fuzzy pom.

20. Stendig Calendar 2016 ($38): It may look simple, but this Stendig Calendar, designed by Massimo Vignelli in 1966, was taken into the Design collection of the MoMA in the very same year. A desk accessory with a story 鈥 now that鈥檚 something.

21. Tie Bar Ze Mustache Tie ($19): Forget the skinny tie 鈥 quirky bow ties are all the rage. To complement his already killer facial hair, say happy holidays with a 鈥榮tache-studded style.

22. Filson Small Bi-Fold in Natural ($88): Simple and sleek, this vegetable-tanned leather wallet will keep your dude鈥檚 d鈥檃rgent in check.

What will you be gifting the hipster in your life this holiday season? Tell us in the comments!