Pie baking is an art. As seasoned pie makers (and tasters!), we know a thing or two about baking a good pie. There are good crusts and bad crusts. There are a million different fillings and toppings to choose from, like even more crust or cinnamon crumble. When it comes to holiday pies, our topping vote is always crust, especially after finding these 18 festive pie crusts. Take a look and get ready to deck out your holiday pie in your favorite design.

star cover

1. Starry Crust: Using cookie cutters on the topping is the easiest way to achieve some pie crust fun. Let’s be real; no one will ever complain about having too much crust. (via Light Orange Bean)


2. Lattice Crust: Lattice is a totally classic look for pie crust. You just can’t go wrong, no matter what filling you weave inside. (via Forty-Sixth at Grace)


3. Polka Dot Pie Crust: Everybody knows that polka dots are cool. Add a few to your holiday dessert topping for a fun and festive look. (via The House That Lars Built)


4. Typography Crust: Whether your pie says “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas,” your dinner guests are sure to be impressed by your typography-crusted pie. (via Style Me Pretty)


5. Heart Cutout Crust: This pretty design will ensure that everyone gets a little love with their slice of pie. (via Martha Stewart)


6. Decorative Crust: We all know that pumpkin pie is just as delicious when crust-less. But who says you can’t add a decorative piece on top of that gooey goodness? (via Williams Sonoma)


7. Herringbone Crust: A herringbone design makes anything look fancy and chic, including pie. (via Style Me Pretty)


8. Viney Crust: Feeling confident? Go ahead and play around a little with your pie crust. You might just end up with something like this. (via Comfortable Domestic)


9. Dotty Slab Pie: Not only is this pie good for a crowd, but also no one will be able to resist taking a piece of that beautiful crust. (via One Good Thing)

star crust

10. Star of David Crust: While this is technically called a woven crust, it also reminds us of the star of David. Perfect for a holiday dessert. (via Martha Stewart)


11. Cutout Shapes Crust: With a crust this pretty, it’ll be hard to resist seconds… and thirds and fourths. (via Ludlorn)

leafy edge

12. Leafy Crust: Are you making a pie that doesn’t need a top crust? Make it prettier still with a simple leafy edge. (via Style Me Pretty)


13. 3 Ways: Braided, folded or twisted-ally-ooped, you could make a Dr. Seuss book out of all the ways to fold a pie crust. (via Go Gold With Butter)


14. Chevron Crust: A chevron pie crust? Whaaaaaaat? (via Style Me Pretty)


15. Pinwheel Pie Crust: Just twist and twist and twist and suddenly, you have a gorgeous crust for a gorgeous pie. (via The Kitchn)

lattice leaf

16. Leafy Lattice Crust: We dare you to go out on a limb with leaves andlattice. You won’t regret it. (via V and Co.)


17. Painted Crust: So maybe you’ve got more artistic skills than baking skills. Use it to your advantage with a pie crust and some food coloring. (via The House That Lars Built)


18. Braided Crust: Everybody can do a simple braid, so why not decorate a pie crust with it? It’ll make you look like a professional. (via Inspired by Charm)

What is your favorite way to decorate your pie? Tell us below!