The rules around all-white ensembles continue to get more lenient except for one place: the office. Should you? Shouldn’t you? And if you dare to take on this trend, what should you keep in mind? While the jury is still out, Levo spoke with four successful women who offered their advice on the matter.


1. Tailor it.

“I love when I see women wearing full suits, structured dresses — the fit is what keeps it professional — blazers that are tailored so perfectly it’s hard not to mean business. Or slim white pants that mimic the fit of your typical work pants. Again, work with your tailor on this.” — Jonnee Tonsel, Associate Project Manager, Client Services at Turner Broadcasting System

2. Keep it classic.

“Whenever I wear a light-colored or white shirt, I always manage to get something on it, be that spaghetti sauce, soy sauce, hot sauce, you name it. However, that doesn’t stop me from wearing all white. I love its classic look in the summer — specifically, pairing your tailored white blazer with a white pencil skirt or culottes. Just keep a Tide pen handy!” — Sammi Liang, Account Executive at Ogilvy Public Relations

3. Accessories are key.

“Accessorizing is major when wearing white. They’re the difference between looking like you’re on the way to the beach or the boardroom. Choose the right statement piece wisely; bold, gold cuffs around your wrists or a cocktail ring fit the bill.” — Kamille Cooper, Digital Brand Strategist

4. Apply common sense.

“At the office, wearing white, in my opinion, is only inappropriate if it crosses boundaries, like white super short shorts, a sheer white blouse with a visible bra… you know, use common sense. If you wouldn’t wear it usually, don’t think white will make it more work appropriate.” — Kamille Cooper, Digital Brand Strategist

This post was originally published on Levo League by Channing Hargrove.