Anyone feeling the urge to start training for a marathon? We all know picking out a stylish outfit and a cool new app makes a world of difference when it comes to fitness motivation, but picking out the right pair of running shoes isn’t as easy as choosing the most colorful ones. You need to consider everything from how your ankles roll when you run to how to correctly tie your laces for your foot shape. The experts at REI have created an easy-to-decipher infographic that lays out all the must-know details when it comes to choosing a running shoe. Check it out and get ready to meet your running goals.

And once you’ve got those perfect-for-you shoes correctly laced onto your feet, check out this cool app that essentially tells you what time you should go running tomorrow. Now you can’t blame the weather if you skip your run.

Now that you’ve figured out what shoes are perfect for your running style and goals, you can start picking out your new (and totally necessary) matching outfit.

Are you guys working on any running goals? Share your fitness successes with us in the comments below!