It may have been unintentional, but Pantone’s Acquired Tastes palette is enough to make your Halloween-lovin’ heart skip a beat. The palette is a saucy blend of orange and melon with splashes of purple accents. Sounds daring, right? Add wild textures and gold metallics and you’ve got all the ingredients for a surprisingly luxe ambiance. Whether you’re going for a few colorful accents or you’re ready to pop open those paint cans, you can’t go wrong with taking a few notes from the Acquired Tastes Pantone palette. Scroll on for 17 inspiring ways to bring these vivid colors into your own home.



1. Color Crazy: Ready to see inspiring ideas for using one half of Halloween’s favorite color duo in unexpected ways? This bold dining room is wearing those bright shades like it’s doing them a favor. (via Larnie Nicolson)


2. Mismatched Seating: Orange is a color powerhouse that is half energetic red, half happy yellow. The result is one seriously underrated color that looks stunning in the dining room. Pair bold chairs with a soothing gray table and you’ve got a seating arrangement guests will never want to leave. (via Keltainen Talo Rannalla)


3. Retro Vibes: Bright orange walls might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this breakfast nook will ensure you never have a bad morning. Whether you’re settling down with a glass of wine or a mug of coffee, a bright and cheerful breakfast nook comes together beautifully with modern furniture and plenty of natural light. (via Bolig Magasinet)



4. Cozy Reading Nook: Just because the Acquired Tastes palette is all about that orange doesn’t mean you have to use the strongest version — pastels count too. Orange throw pillows and blankets easily transition from fall decor to the holiday season and back into the new year without skipping a beat. (via Keltainen Talo Rannalla)


5. Graphic Designs: Looking to incorporate a whole new color palette with just a single splurge? Throw down an area rug and you’re done. Find a cool pattern that includes all the colors of the Acquired Tastes palette — orange, coral, purple — and finish off the room with wood metallic accessories. (via Style by Emily Henderson)


6. Orange Sofa: Props off to you if you decided to go all out with a bold orange couch. Whether you inherited one from your great aunt or you salvaged it from a thrift shop, don’t be afraid to show it off — complementary throw pillows and a snazzy gallery wall will pull the whole space together. (via Leva & Bo)



7. SMEG Chic: Leave it to SMEG to have everyone wanting to ditch their white fridge and bring this pumpkin-perfect orange refrigerator home. A single pop of orange upgrades the accessories in this stylish kitchen and makes the whole space come to life. (via SF Girl by Bay)


8. Color Coordinated: Whoa, talk about a power couple: Orange and purple are the colors you don’t expect to stay together, but then they totally pull it off. Switch up the decor on your open shelves with a cheeky combo of orange and purple pots, pans and canisters. (via Apartment Therapy)



9. Shelfie Game: A home office will always benefit from a little extra organization, so why not make that organization sync up with a trendy new color palette? Pick up a set of orange file boxes and bring some fun into your daily work routine. (via Scout & Nimble)


10. Accent It Up: Give your office a touch of glam with a rad accent wall and tons of luxe accessories. Gold desk organizers and a faux fur rug will trick you into thinking you’re staying at a plush hotel, and not just replying to emails. (via Thistlewood Farms)


11. Layer the Shades: Take a cue from this kiddo’s craft table and bring the mismatched chair trend into your own craft room or home office. Transform your office into a hub of productivity with a pink desk chair, a colorful kilim rug and a massive indoor plant for all the happy feels. (via Domino)



12. Orange Vanity: This little bathroom is rocking the perfect shade of soft orange. Geometric wallpaper, marble countertops and gold accessories make an orange vanity look positively luxurious. (via Hallie Henley Design)


13. Bright Showers: Orange isn’t a common color in the bathroom, but it looks radiant paired with white subway tile and gold hardware. Plus, who can resist an orange chair piled high with colorful towels? (via Lonny)


14. Minimalist Version: All-white walls and fixtures are the perfect backdrop for this eclectic modern bathroom with its mishmash of colorful storage. Every bathroom could use some extra storage, so use it as an excuse to bring in some color at the same time. And a yellow mirror is a brilliant way to illuminate your #wokeuplikethis face. (via Design Sponge)



15. Hang It Up: The color orange and the boho aesthetic go together like a breath of fresh air. Cream blankets help balance out the brightness of an orange-accented palette, while piles of textured throw pillows add visual interest. Looking for a sneaky way to update your headboard? Take a tip from this pretty bedroom and just hang a tapestry above your bed. (via Urban Outfitters)


16. Fanta Fabulous: Orange isn’t the most popular shade in the bedroom, partly because it’s so energetic. But if you’re a morning person (or someone who’s trying to make those early hours a little more cheery), a bright orange accent wall might be just what you need. (via The Designer Pad)


17. Delicate Touches: Not quite ready for an orange accent wall? Incorporate a subtle version of the Acquired Tastes palette via a new duvet cover, colorful throw pillows and a bouquet of fresh flowers. White walls and white floors give you a fresh backdrop to play with a variety of color combos whenever the mood strikes. (via New Zealand Design Blog)

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