Don’t you just love that feeling when you sit on the couch and look around to see a spotless, tidy home? We sure do… except for maybe that chemical-y smell. With all those indecipherable ingredients found in the store-bought stuff, it’s a little frightening even thinking about what they actually do to our health. It’s a good thing that there are so many DIY household cleaners that will give you the same clean-house effect without all the harsh chemicals. Check out these 15 solutions that will make you feel good about cleaning.

1. Dishwasher Detergent Tabs: Do you actually know what is in the detergent that cleans the dishes you eat off of? We don’t either, which is why we totally vote for these all-natural, lemon-y dishwasher tabs. (via PopSugar)

2. Natural Bleach: A DIY bleach that doesn’t smell or ruin your clothes? We are so in. (via Hello Natural)

3. Dusting Spray: It’s time to show those dust bunnies who’s boss with this dusting spray infused with the essential oil of your choice. Goodbye dust, hello lemons. (via PopSugar)

4. All-Purpose Cleaner: Because you know it’s all about dat vinegar. With such great cleansing properties, it’s no wonder that it is the main agent in this grapefruit spray. (via Hello Natural)

5. Dry Carpet Cleaner: Don’t blame us if this homemade carpet cleaner begins a baking soda love affair, especially since it’s kid- and pet-friendly. (via PopSugar)

6. Hardwood Cleaner: While we’re cleaning our floors, how about that hardwood? Keep it shining naturally with this solution that you can even use on your old Swiffer mop. (via PopSugar)

7. Mold and Mildew Spray: We all hesitate when it comes to cleaning our showers because who wants to scrub so hard anyway? Shake up this spray and give your shower a daily spritz to make those scrubbings less frequent. (via Hello Natural)

8. Furniture Polish: While your mom might swear by her Pledge, you’ll definitely feel better about cleaning your furniture with this homemade concoction. (via PopSugar)

9. Fridge Deodorizer: We’ve all had that “What is that smell?” moment when we open the fridge. Get rid of those funky fumes by putting a jar of baking soda mixed with a bit of essential oil on the back of the shelf. (via Hello Natural)

10. Monitor Cleaner: Let’s not forget about our electronics — they get dusty too. Show them some love with their very own special spray. (via PopSugar)

11. Garbage Disposal Refreshers: Because who doesn’t want their sink to smell like citrus? (via Hello Natural)

12. Child-Safe All-Purpose Cleaner: You probably aren’t comfortable using the same spray for your kitchen counter on your child’s toys. Diluted tea tree oil is the natural clean you’re looking for. (via PopSugar)

13. Laundry Detergent: Do you ever wonder if that mysterious rash is from your laundry detergent? It’s no surprise with all those chemicals. We dare you to test this homemade stuff to see the difference. (via Hello Natural)

14. Bathroom Wipes: We wouldn’t part with our beloved bleach wipes for anything… except maybe these all-natural bathroom wipes that make cleaning just as simple. (via PopSugar)

15. Fruit and Veggie Spray: Unfortunately, we need more than water to clean those pesticides off our fruits and veggies. Thanks for coming to the rescue again, vinegar. (via Hello Natural)

Do you have any DIY household cleaners you use? Share your recipes with us below!