Ah, the busy gal’s evening lament: What to eat for dinner? It’d be nice if it was hot, but it’d be even nicer if it was easy and cheap to prepare. And despite our junk food-loving stomachs, it would be fantastic if it had veggies in it… but sometimes it’s just easier to settle for pizza. It shouldn’t be surprising that less than six percent of adults in America get the recommended daily serving of vegetables. But it could be more of a reality now thanks to Hungryroot, a New York-based startup that wants to change the way you think about fast, healthy food.


Carrot noodles with tangy sriracha peanut sauce, cauliflower couscous with Moroccan almond curry and sweet potato cacao mousse: It all sounds delicious, doesn’t it? Well, they’re also non-GMO, gluten-free, under 500 calories, freezable, fresh for 10 days in the fridge and takes less than seven minutes to cook in a skillet. It’s hard to believe, but these guys have made vegetables sound sexy and innovative!


Thanks to a team of three that includes Top Chef alum and current Little Beet chef Franklin Becker, fresh, fast and nutritious veggie-forward meals can be yours with one click. Hungryroot is proud of the ways they’ve reinvented veggie production, packaging and delivery to help you make better food choices. They’ve literally made it as easy as possible: It’s available for order through their website, Fresh Direct or Amazon Fresh, and the meals come prepackaged and iced in insulated boxes (no doorman or signature required!) through a weekly or bi-weekly subscription.


And just to gild the carrot lily, they’re so confident in their product that they want to offer you a free meal by signing up here. Free and fancy tastes good to us!

Share your favorite quick and easy veggie-centric recipes in the comments!

(Photos via Hungryroot)