From bug repellant to birth control, patches have proven themselves as trusty health companions for a minute now. Still, we never thought we’d see the day when we’d be able to treat our period cramps with one.


Researchers at the University of Warwick in the UK have collaborated with the drug research firm Medherant to develop an extended-release ibuprofen patch, and it’s the first of its kind. The polymer patch can hold up to 30 percent by weight of the ultra-safe and effective anti-inflammatory drug, about three times more than your average gel capsule. But the most amazing thing about this transparent patch is its ease of use: Users just stick the patch onto their skin, and that’s it. There’s no need to re-dose for up to 12 hours. Thanks, science!

Gizmodo reports that the patch is especially designed with sufferers of chronic, localized pain in mind. While it isn’t quite as sci-fi as some of the other pain management devices that caught our attention this year (smart bandages and drug-free wearables, anyone?), we’re stanning hard for the set-it-and-forget-it potential of this smart new pharmaceutical. The patch is set to hit the market in roughly two years.

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(Photo via Warwick University)