Think cold isn’t romantic? Think again! Ice hotels are an experience that should be on every traveler’s bucket list. With the coolest amenities and epic winter wonderland activities, these frosty hotels make for the ultimate wintertime vacay. From Canada to Japan to Norway, here are 12 of the most stunning ice hotels from around the world. Cozy rooms made of ice and snow, incredible art carved in the walls and ice chapels that let couples get hitched Frozen-style? Check, check and check.

1. Icehotel, Sweden: The hotel that started them all, the Icehotel is the world’s largest and oldest ice hotel. It’s rebuilt every year in December, and nearly everything — from the walls to the beds to the glasses at the bar — is made out of the cold stuff. (Photo via Icehotel Facebook)

2. Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland: Not crazy about the idea of sleeping on an ice bed? Why not go for a cozy igloo surrounded by a stunning Finnish forest instead? (via Kakslauttanen Resort)

3. Hôtel de Glace, Canada: The themed suites each have their own unique design and ice sculpture within. Colorful lighting really sets the mood, whether you’re relaxing in your room or enjoying one of the numerous spa services. (via Hôtel de Glace)

4. Balea Ice Hotel, Romania: Extremely secluded, this hotel is accessible only by cable car. If you’re looking for a romantic getaway, this could be the perfect place. But don’t worry about getting bored — there is an ice restaurant, bar and even a chapel (hello, perfect elopement!). (via Balea Hotel)

5. Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel, Norway: You don’t have to worry about going igloo-crazy at this resort. They offer snowmobile safaris with top-quality winter gear to keep you toasty warm as you cruise around the slopes and hunt down the elusive Northern lights. (via Sorrisniva)

6. Snow Village Snow Hotel, Finland: Setting themselves apart by featuring incredible ice artwork in all 30 of the rooms, the Snow Hotel offers a wide range of arctic activities like dog sledding, visits to reindeer farms, parties at the IceBar and nighttime snowmobile rides. (via Snow Village)

7. Alpeniglu Igloo Village, Austria: A dozen igloos make up this tiny snow village that’s located in a ski resort in the Alps. You can stay overnight in one of them, explore the extensive art exhibition of ice sculptures or even get married in the incredibly ornate ice chapel. (Photo via Alpeniglu Facebook)

8. Kemi Snow Castle, Finland: You know you’ll get a unique experience if you stay at the Kemi Castle, because every season it’s rebuilt with a different architectural design and theme. This has been happening for over twenty years, so they probably know what they’re doing. (via Kemin Lumilinna)

9. Eskimsa Vas, Slovenia: If remote is your thing, you’ll love the views from this mountaintop retreat. Get ready to ride a cable car up the mountain and then take a snowshoe hike to reach your igloo. After warming up with the house drink, you can partake in lots of activities such as skiing, snowbiking and sledding. (via Eskimsa Vas)

10. Kirkenes Snowhotel, Norway: From the walls to the furniture to the decorations, this hotel is only ice and snow. But the best part is the pet reindeer. Even adults will be tempted to believe in Santa when confronted with the wet muzzles of Dancer and Prancer. (via Kirkenes Snowhotel)

11. Alpha Resort Tomamu, Japan: The only ice resort in Japan, Tomamu is rebuilt every year. Not only does the hotel cover the ice tables and ice chairs in sheepskin, but all the guests get complimentary sheepskin clothing that you can take home with you. (via Hoshino Resorts)

12. Iglu-Dorf, Switzerland: These igloos range in size from doubles to six-person family accommodations, with each one carved out of the ice in a slightly different way. The hotel also offers complimentary nighttime snowshoeing sessions, so you can work up an appetite before enjoying a bowl of cheese fondue at the restaurant. (via Iglu-Dorf)

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