Enjoying breakfast in bed used to mean staying home on the weekends and lounging around in PJs all day. Not anymore, people! In an effort to get you to sleep better, IKEA is opening up a pop-up cafe in London that will serve breakfast in bed to customers from May 18 – 20, 2015.

First, you’ll need to book a single or double IKEA bed for a 45-minute session between 7AM and noon. During your session, you’ll be served a traditional Swedish breakfast along with coffee. Not into this early morning business? You can book an afternoon session, but the beds are only available for naps, not food.

Along with breakfast, they will offer a pillow menu, where you get the chance to try out softer or firmer pillows and see which are best for your preferred sleeping positions. There will even be sleep specialists on hand to give you advice on what you “need” to ensure the best night’s sleep ever. Booking a bed is free and the company is hoping that after they bed you and give you breakfast, you’ll be so romanced that you’ll buy a bed from them. Seems like a legitimate idea to us. Although we’re not sure when they’re going to make their way to our local IKEA, we are looking forward to a weekend where we can have that relaxing breakfast in bed and get that much-needed trip to IKEA out of the way.

Would go to an IKEA store for a free breakfast? Tell us what you think of IKEA’s attempts to get you into bed in the comments below!

(Photos via IKEA) (h/t Wall Street Journal)