Did you know that IKEA recently did a study on morning routines and discovered that the way you spend the first 59 minutes of your day can drastically affect how the rest of your day goes? They found that 55% of people do not consider themselves morning people, and that homes with children report having twice as much stress in the morning as those without kids. Three in four people do not have a regular weekday morning routine and half of people skip breakfast. Shame, shame. If you are like most people and your morning routine needs some help, here are 15 ways (+15 IKEA hacks) to make mornings a little less of a struggle.

1. Add Color to the Bedroom: Bored with all that plain ol’ white IKEA furniture? Add a little pastel action to your bedroom with this gorg campaign dresser DIY. Having a serene and soothing color palette will make waking up in the AM that much easier. (via Vintage Revivals)

2. Blooming Brilliant: Exposure to bright colors and plants first thing in the morning instantly raises your spirits and energy. Buy a bouquet and put some flowers right on your nightstand with these gilded IKEA vases. (via Lacquer and Linen)

3. Cut Down on Your Morning To-Do List: The more you get done the night before, the less you’ll have to do in the morning. This also means more time for you to enjoy your morning routine. Long paper banners are super trendy right now and offer a fun alternative to the traditional to-do notepad on the fridge. (via Crafts miz Herz)

4. Clean Your Closet: Disorganized, messy closets happen. Organize your closet and you’ll be able to grab the right clothes, gym outfit or accessories in no time at all. Line your drawers with colored paper and add gold hardware to make your little wardrobe look extra fancy. (via Made By Girl)

5. Find Your Keys: To avoid the morning scramble of trying to find your keys and other essentials, keep your wallet, keys, phone and phone charger in one space. Having a charging station makes it easy to keep everything together so you’ll be able to grab it all in one fell swoop. (via The DIY Playbook)

6. Organize Your Jewelry: Is it just us or are earrings always ditching each other? Keep track of those pairs and keep your favorite necklaces from tangling with this sneaky jewelry storage DIY. (via Girl on the Go)

7. Consider Shelving: Try using wall space for storing makeup brushes and other things you use to get ready. That way things are easily accessible, but equally easy to put back, leaving you with a clean bathroom after the morning rush. (via Glamour)

8. Work at Their Height: If you’re trying to get little ones out the door, mount hooks at their height so they can get themselves ready. Keep bags, phones, lunch bags and glasses all right by the door so everyone knows exactly where everything is. (via IKEA)

9. Plan the Night Before: Sit down for a couple minutes to jot down exactly what is on the agenda for the next day. That way you can make sure everything is scheduled and packed before you’re operating on forgetful morning-brain. If one corkboard doesn’t cut it, make a mega board with IKEA placemats. (via Infarrantly Creative)

10. Turn on the Lights: Light tells your circadian rhythm to get moving, so walking into a beautifully lit room in the AM is a great way to start the day. Have fun with a cheap lampshade from IKEA by adding gold foil and some glass bubbles for a bit of glam. (via Pudel Design)

11. Stock Your Pantry: If you don’t have healthy ingredients on hand, you might be more likely to reach for a Pop Tart than actually make a good breakfast. Add some extra storage to your kitchen by installing open shelving with some planks and gold-painted IKEA hardware. (via Houzz)

12. Establish Family Routines: When the kids know exactly what they need to do in the morning, everything goes much smoother. There’s less shouting orders and double-checking that everything has been packed before the mad rush out the door. (via The Crafting Chicks)

13. Take Advantage of Laundry Day: No, it may not be the most fun chore, but while you’re folding everyone’s laundry make sure you have plenty of space to fold and organize. Add more storage and counter space to the laundry room by hacking the Varde Unit with white paint and basket storage. (via Lindsay Stephenson)

14. Kiss Me Goodnight: Studies have shown that people who kiss their partners goodbye before leaving for work live an average of five years longer than those who don’t. Aww. Add some hearts to a pair of plain IKEA pillowcases as a sweet reminder to say “I love you” more. (via A Beautiful Mess)

15. DIY Coffee Bar. When all else fails, the answer is always coffee. Make the IKEA bar cart into a stylish little coffee bar and use the IKEA hanging system for showing off some of your favorite mugs. (via Dream Green DIY)

What are your secrets to a successful morning routine? Share your tricks in the comments below!