When it comes to social media platforms, if Facebook is still king, then Instagram is definitely YAAAS, QUEEN. Whether you’re stalking your fave famous Instagram pets or scoping out enviable celebrity vacation pics, Insta has definitely become the social media of choice for many. The platform has undergone several changes over the years, including allowing users access to multiple Instagram accounts and giving us a full minute of video. But this might be the biggest makeover yet.


Rumors have been swirling for a while about a black and white interface, and there was even a potential leak, but when we logged into our accounts today, we saw the new look in action. In a blog post, the company shared a new logo, and icons apparently inspired by users. The new simplified look, which Instagram says will help allow our photos and videos to be the star of the app, was also user inspired. In their blog, the social media co. says, “Our updated look reflects how vibrant and diverse your storytelling has become.” They also released an adorable announcement video that shows the new icons and logo, and how they represent the rainbow of users and images shared within the app.

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