As the seasons change from cold, dark and rainy to sunny and blisteringly hot (or somewhere in between), you probably go through different rotations of shoes. Strappy sandals in the summer make way for warm and snuggly boots in the winter (unless you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm and perfect all the time… we’re looking at you, San Diego).

This dilemma of footwear intrigued Noesha Hu, a student at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the Netherlands, who created a pair of shoes that can last all year long. The wood and plastic soles come with interchangeable straps and coverings, and with a little messing with the hardware, you can turn them into the perfect open-toed shoes in June or a comfy fall flat in October. You can even change the colors depending on your mood or the weather.

Hu’s invention opens up an entirely new world of shoe possibilities. And while we’re probably not ready to give up our boot collection just yet, these shoes are a great solution for people who don’t like shopping or only want to keep track of one pair.

What do you think of these funky shoes? Would you wear them or are they just too complicated? Let us know in the comments below!

(h/t Fast CoDesign, Photo via Femke Rijerman)