Parents, how much do you love to show off your kid鈥檚 art? We鈥檙e guessing a lot. What better way to showcase it than through a gift? Angelina did it with her wedding gown, which was detailed with doodles from her kids. So did Kim K. with an Hermes bag decorated in daughter North鈥檚 paintings. Kim loved the gift from Kanye for her birthday so much she told Us Magazine, 鈥淚 had thought it was this new artist who had painted the purse. But it was my daughter. It was amazing.鈥

We think it鈥檚 a pretty brilliant way to inspire your future makers 鈥 and it kinda beats the ol鈥 drawing on the fridge of yore. Check out these 10 buy or DIY ideas below to transform your mini Picasso and bitty Georgia O鈥橩eefes鈥 art into gifts that keep on giving.

1. White Clouds 3D Printed Drawing Sculpture ($30-$60): This is one of our favorite innovations of this year. You can now turn a 2D crayon drawing into a 3D sculpture. Whoever gets this will light up like a kid on Christmas (even if it鈥檚 not actually the kid).

2. DIY Artwork Collage: Every parent knows their kids鈥 doodles are masterpieces. But after so many paintings, space on the fridge and walls disappears fast. Try out this DIY by snapping a picture of your faves, then make a collage in Photoshop and pick up a frame at the nearest store. You鈥檒l be impressed by how much extra wall space there is behind all those doodles.

3. Budsies ($70): Be honest 鈥 there was at least one drawing when you were a kid you wished could come to life as a stuffed animal. Live vicariously through your child (or if you still have that drawing, make your own) and turn their fave drawing into their new cuddle buddy. They鈥檒l think you have magical powers.

4. Kidz Can Design Keychain ($140): Keep your child鈥檚 best drawing with you at all times by adding one of their doodles to your keyring. You鈥檒l feel close to home every time you pick up your keys.

5. Carley Kahn Custom Art Pillow ($100): Technically kids aren鈥檛 allowed to draw on pillows, but tell 鈥檈m to make a special doodle for you on paper and watch their shock when you bring this couch pillow home.

6. DIY Shirt (+ More): Drawing animals is probably every child鈥檚 go-to, so why not turn their favorite furry friends into a bunch of gifts? With these DIY projects you鈥檒l be able to gift a shirt, a printed pillow and even a piece of artwork.

7. DIY KIds鈥 Artwork Garland: We鈥檙e all about garland and its many uses, but we definitely feel like we鈥檙e missing a kid鈥檚 artwork garland. Gift this to the entertainer in your family, or string it around your living room for playful decor.

8. DIY Mini Canvas: Even if you technically don鈥檛 have a Picasso in the family, you can still make the little one feel like a pro with these DIY mini canvas image transfers. Make a handful and it鈥檒l feel like you鈥檙e at the opening night of a toddler鈥檚 art gallery.

9. Jamberry Nails ($15): Always had trouble choosing which nail art is your favorite? This company just made it super simple for you by giving you the ability to always show off your child鈥檚 artwork right on your fingertips.

10. Giftskins Wrapping Paper ($15+): Technically not a gift, but you could wrap the doodle gift inside with these doodle-centric wrapping paper designs. Too expensive? Try making this DIY version.

Are you planning on buying or DIYing one of these kids鈥 art gifts? Let us know in the comments below.