Your mind may be occupied with getting your kids ready for back-to-school time at the moment, but once all their first-day-of-school outfits and supplies have been purchased, Halloween is right around the corner. The fall is officially (almost) upon us, and if you need more proof, look no further than Starbucks, which already released its famous pumpkin spice latte. So curl up with your fave PSL and start planning your neighborhood kids Halloween party. While there are plenty of factors to consider 鈥 decorations, favors, and food, to name a few 鈥 a good place to start your party planning is with the beverages. Forget about juice boxes and chocolate milk; festive mocktails are the way to go. These party-ready picks are creative, creepy, and completely kid-friendly (AKA non-alcoholic)!

Melting Monster Halloween Punch

1. Melting Monster Halloween Punch: This fizzy party drink will make your guests scream with fright 鈥 or at least squeal with delight. And those adorable (yet kind of creepy) eyeballs are actually edible. (via The Speckled Palate)

Blue Princess Butterfly Unicorn Halloween Mocktail

2. Blue Princess Butterfly Unicorn: There鈥檚 no rule that Halloween mocktails need to be spooky. Some kids shy away from anything that鈥檚 remotely scary. If that鈥檚 the case, they鈥檒l love this ice-cream-based, magical drink! (via Sparkle Living)

Dracula鈥檚 Blood Punch Halloween Mocktail Recipe

3. Dracula鈥檚 Blood Punch: This one will get a rad reaction from the kiddos. They鈥檒l love the ick factor, while adults will enjoy the refreshing cherry taste of this non-alcoholic recipe. (via Easy Peasy Creative)

Candy Corn Punch Halloween Mocktail Recipe

4. Candy Corn Punch:Candy corn is a Halloween staple, and this delish option recreates it in beverage form, complete with a holiday-themed sprinkle garnish on the glass. (via A Grande Life)

The Little Frankenstein Halloween Mocktail Recipe

5. The Little Frankenstein: Make this one for *your* little Frankenstein! This festive treat may be sweet, but its creepiness just can鈥檛 be beat. (via Sparkle Living)

6. Halloween Milkshakes:Ice cream isn鈥檛 just for summer! We are firm believers in eating (or drinking) it year-round. These milkshakes are easy to customize, meaning you can make them as ooey-gooey, creepy, or cringe-worthy as you want. (via A Beautiful Mess)

7. Raspberry Limeade Slushies: Even though these aren鈥檛 explicitly Halloween-themed, the frothy raspberry-red does strongly resemble a mixed up bloody batch of goo. But of course, these non-alcoholic mixers are much tastier than anything that would make you say, 鈥淓ww!鈥 (via Smitten Kitchen)

8. Bloodshot Halloween Drink: If you鈥檙e looking to up the creative ante, this Halloween mocktail is IT. Instead of using a regular ol鈥 plastic cup or glass, serve this recipe in syringes. (via Finding Zest)

9. Polyjuice Potion: This gingery, lime potion is perfect for kiddos. And if you want something to treat (not trick) your non-pregnant adult guests, this recipe comes with an alcohol-infused grown-up adaptation. (via Homemade Hooplah)

10. Pumpkin Butterbeer Hot Chocolate: Okay Muggles, this isn鈥檛 technically a mocktail, but we just couldn鈥檛 resist a festive hot chocolate recipe. This pumpkin-y, chocolatey beverage has the added bonus of warming everyone up on a chilly fall night. (via Half Baked Harvest)

11. Berry Scary Mocktail: It may look a bit bloody, but this maroon mocktail is all about the berries. So you鈥檒l get the fright factor along with a healthy dose of antioxidants. (via A Soulful Twist)

What鈥檚 your favorite Halloween party treat? Share your pick and tweet us @BritandC.