Kylie Jenner never leaves fans short of things to chitchat about when it comes to life (soon to be documented in her very own reality show, Life of Kylie). From drama over her branded merch to more personal tidbits, like juicy gossip about her dating life, girl knows how to make a splash. In fact, her latest move 鈥 or rather, jewelry choice 鈥 has fans thinking 鈥 again 鈥 that the littlest Jenner might be engaged.

The beauty mogul was spotted out and about with a flashy diamond ring on *that* finger, and since her bae Travis Scott was wearing one as well, people naturally took it to mean that the pair could soon be tying the knot. As you may recall, it鈥檚 far from the first time Jenner has set the rumor mill churning with wedding talk: Last year, fans were convinced she鈥檇 soon be walking down the aisle with then-boyfriend Tyga for the exact same reason.

As can be seen in the blown-up photo, the double-banded ring in question is hard to miss, taking up a sizable chunk of her ring finger, while Scott was seen sporting a similar look over on his Instagram.

Some people are convinced it鈥檚 the real deal this time around.

Others aren鈥檛 so sure, citing alternate rumors that Scott and Jenner (who also have matching tats) aren鈥檛 exactly doing the greatest at the moment and could be just days away from a breakup.

So, either they鈥檙e already planning their honeymoon, or the honeymoon period has already worn off and there鈥檚 trouble in paradise. Either way, we鈥檙e sure we鈥檒l find out soon: Life of Kylie debuts August 6.

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(h/t Teen Vogue; photos via Ethan Miller/Getty)