Do you love flying? Do you have every item on this list of travel essentials? Do you need to have the window seat so you can look down at the gorgeous patterns that your special aerial view gives you? Would you like to create that same effect every time you walk through your living room? Now you can with artist Florian Pucher‘s latest collection, which turns satellite photography into beautiful floor coverings.

Pucher, winner of Elle Deco International Design Awards Best Floor Covering Design, dubs his creation “Landcarpets.” Each one is hand-tufted of New Zealand wool, taking as long as four weeks to create.

Each rug is limited edition. Just 88 of each have been manufactured. Can you guess which country or place is depicted in the rugs below? We used clues from some of our favorite articles to help you guess which place is pictured. You can find the answers at the bottom.

1. Which country is this? We’ll give you a hint: it’s the country that brought us the artist Le Cyklop, featured on Brit + Co in August.

2. This continent is home to the candy-colored community of Bo-Kaap of Signal Hill, featured in 27 Technicolor Cities that actually exist.

3. This locale is home to the first smart highway that glows in the dark!

4. We’ve seen a coffee table and wall art in the shape of this country. Add in this rug, and you could have a whole themed room!

5. This city is known for wrapping its building construction in colorful cocoons, making it home to some of the Most Colorful Buildings in the world.

Check your answers and let us know how you did in the comments below!

Answers: 1) France 2) Africa 3) Netherlands 4) USA 5) Hong Kong

(h/t Fast Company)