One of the best things about tattoos, from traditional to abstract, is that no matter what the style, you can pretty much always count on beautiful imagery. But, while a picture’s worth a thousand words, sometimes words just do it best. Here are some booky beauties that take a cue from some of our favorite stories of all time.

The Little Prince

1. The Little Prince: This story brimming with optimism is a perfect opportunity to remind yourself of the power within. We love that this poignant quote is paired with one of the story’s original illustrations. (via @codielyoung)

wild things

2. Where the Wild Things Are: The artwork in this childhood classic is and has always been a favorite. A tattoo homage to this book is the optimal way to sate your inner wild thing. (via @yourstrulytattoo)


3. Alice in Wonderland: Not ready to fully commit to your favorite literature? This intricate and beautiful illustration from the classic Alice in Wonderland is a great temporary fit. (via Etsy)


4. The Lorax: A tattoo commemorating a book dedicated to the preservation of the world’s beauty should, rightfully, be as colorful and vibrant as the pages of this Seuss tale. How creative is this watercolor interpretation? (via @puuurrr)

extremely loud

5. Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close: From a very powerful book comes this very powerful quote. The handwritten feel of this tattoo encapsulates how personal the book itself feels — a great feat to capture in body art. (via @kellyvanrita)

cs lewis

6. The Voyage of the Dawn Treader: Sometimes, all you need is a little reminder that you just need to be brave. We love this courtesy of one component of the Chronicles of Narnia. (via @alaskanamazon)


7. Lolita: The book that inspired tons of college dorm posters is one of the more beautifully written classics, as evidenced by this excerpt. This line is a simplistic ode to any closing of a life chapter. (via @cinderhellaaa)


8. Sense and Sensibility: Here’s some sage advice from the ultimate British novelist, Jane Austen. Keep what makes you happy in mind — including this temp tat, of course. (via Litographs)

Catcher in the Rye

9. The Catcher in the Rye: In a book where the main character spends a lot of time denoting his experiences (and rocking a flannel hat like no other), this brief line is definitely a standout. (via @bibliogony)

Sylvia Plath

10. “Paralytic”: It’s arguable that no one has ever strung words together to spin anything quite as lovely as Sylvia Plath. Let that love of poetry shine with a line from one of her most popular poems. (via @jenablolia)


11. The Great Gatsby: This Gatsby quote is such a beautiful sentiment. Here’s one to get if you’re someone who lives to keep on keepin’ on. (via @littlemisssunshineyday)

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