When Starbucks gives us good news, they give us lots of good news!

With Starbucks recently announcing that they were adding a fan-favorite off-menu item to their regular menu (hello, Medicine Ball!), we were pleasantly surprised today to learn they had more good news for us. While gift cards can sometimes seem impersonal, we have yet to find someone who doesn’t love the gift of coffee. With the brand becoming famous for their gorgeous themed cards (like this silver holiday card) and an ever-expanding menu of amazing coffee and treats, you can never go wrong with the gift of Starbucks. And now, they’re about to make it easier than ever to send someone you love a little bit of pep.

According to Buzzfeed News, starting next month (April is literally five days away!) you’ll be able to use iMessage to text the gift of coffee. This is so perfect for one million reasons. Imagine a friend is having a terrible day. Soon, you’ll be able to simply send them a heart emoji plus a five dollar Starbucks pick-me-up — basically, the best way to send a hug when you’re not nearby.

While Starbucks has seen a bit of a shift in popularity this past year, its lagging sales seem to be a wake-up call to the company. Taking that to heart, it seems like the brand is hoping to make it easier for us to spend our money with them this summer.

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(h/t HelloGiggles; Photo via Kevin Sullivan/Getty)