Do you like color? Good. Do you like shapes? Great. Do you like amazing fabrics that incorporate color and shapes? Fantastic, that means we’ve found you the perfect designer crush in UK textile genius Lucy Birley. She’s a talented and up-and-coming lass, putting together playful fabrics in ways we wish we’d thought of first. Also, unrelated but of note: We’re pretty sure we’d be friends if we ever met in real life because she references Clueless in her Twitter profile.

Back to the designs. Firstly, her textiles — they’ve got hints of the ’80s, ’90s and today… which sounds like a cheesy radio station promotion, but in the hands of Birley, this combo turns out beautiful, colorful and not at all cheesy.

Next, her sketches. We want to buy prints and cover our entire bedroom wall with these beautiful, almost-living things. Each one seems to evoke a face or an animal/dinosaur or a Batman (seriously, do you see him in the third one down?). Maybe we’re just failing an ink blot test right now, but we like to think Birley’s juxtaposition of soft watercolor, varied textures and geometric edges is speaking directly to us.

And finally, we saved the best for last — a drop-dead gorgeous collaboration between Birley and product designer Lambert Rainville. They created this “Chroma Frame” chair system that allows for interchangeable textile covers. Every time you swap, it’s like a whole new chair that’s almost too pretty to sit in.

Which fabric would you throw on that chair first? Let us know in the comments!