We’re no stranger to a sweet baby announcement here at Brit + Co. From surprising your friends with the news mid-picture to a mini Wes Anderson movie, people get all kinds of creative when it comes to announcing the arrival of their newest family member. But instead of all the gimmicks, Macklemore and his fiancée Tricia Davis went straight for the heart with their news.

The Seattle rapper released a heartwarming video of him and Tricia seeing an ultrasound of their baby for the first time on his partner, Ryan Lewis’ YouTube page. Shot by Jason Koenig — who has directed a number of Macklemore and Ryan Lewis videos — the video opens with text reading, “Today the media speculated about some big news in our life. So we decided to share it with you ourselves.” Then Youth Lagoon’s song “17” kicks in while we watch Macklemore, Tricia and all their nearest and dearest in a doctor’s office, holding hands and waiting for their little one’s face to pop up on screen.

As the expecting parents shed a tear when a tiny face pops up in the monitor, it is immediately obvious that sometimes it’s best to scrap all the over-the-top angles and just go for some raw, honest emotions. If your baby is anywhere near as cool as you, Macklemore, we can’t wait. We cannot WAIT for this baby name.

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(Featured Image via Christopher Polk/Getty)