Even with that extra leap day in February, it feels crazy that March is already here! Especially if you’re a mama or papa-to-be and nearing your March due date. Still stuck for a name? Fortunately, March is full of holidays and symbols to help inspire some creative, seasonal baby names. We got the ball rolling, drawing inspiration from St. Patrick’s Day, Easter, the first day of spring and even more offbeat choices like March Madness and World Poetry Day!


March Baby Names for Boys

1. Devin: If your baby boy makes an appearance around March 21, give him this Irish name meaning “poet” in honor of World Poetry Day.

2. Diaz: With Daylight Saving Time just around the corner, longer, brighter days are as well. Celebrate their return with this Spanish last-name-as-a-first-name.

3. Hooper: If you’re feeling a touch of March Madness coming on, this hoops-inspired name is a unique option that’s still not too out of the ordinary (its cousin Cooper is plenty popular, after all).

4. Leo: We were going to suggest this name due to the old March “in like a lion, out like a lamb” idiom, but let’s face it — now we’re just suggesting it because of Leo’s big win.

5. Marius: The month of March is named for Mars, God of War, but if you want to dub your boy with a less planetary-sounding name, try this Latin alternative.

6. Palmer: This is a great last-name-as-a-first-name for Palm Sunday babies, and it won’t be out of place in the classroom at all with all the Parkers, Archers and Sawyers out there.

7. Pascal: Pascal is simply the French word for Easter. You can also vary the spelling by going Spanish (Pasqual) or Cornish (Pascoe).

8. Patrick: Everyone’s favorite Irish celebration falls on March 17. Need we say more?

9. Rainn: March is always unpredictable when it comes to the weather, so if it ends up being a wet month, this is one way to put a positive spin on the rain. (This spelling is borrowed from The Office’s Rainn Wilson.)

10. Samson­­: And if you get lucky and have a sunshiny March instead? This Biblical name means “sun.”


March Baby Names for Girls

1. Ava: Spring is all about rebirth and new life, and so is this lovely name.

2. Blossom: Not gonna lie, this is a tough name to pull off if your aesthetic isn’t floppy hats and appliqué flowers. But if Mayim Bialik can move past her ‘90s TV show days, so can the name Blossom, which is perfectly suited for springtime babies.

3. Chloe: This Top 100 staple for girls is a great choice for your little lady, as it has the spring season written all over it — it means “young, green shoot.”

4. Clover: Looking for a botanic-inspired name for a baby born in March? This four-leafed St. Patrick’s Day symbol is ideal, not to mention very lucky!

5. Edda: Pronounced similarly to Etta, this is a Norse name meaning “poetry.”

6. Marina: March’s birthstone is the aquamarine, and while it’s a totally gorgeous gem, it’s a little on the nose for a girl’s name. Try this aquatic alternative.

7. Narcissa: Daffodils are a telltale first sign of spring, but the name may be a little too… daffy for a girl to grow up with. Consider the flower’s other name, narcissus (although Harry Potter fans may find it hard to disassociate from a certain Malfoy).

8. Poesy: If the pronunciation of this name is a little tricky (it has three syllables, just like its meaning, poetry), you can always opt for the flowery name Posey instead, which would also be perfect for spring.

9. Robin: Even if March is still snowy in your neck of the woods, you always know spring is coming by the appearance of these red-breasted birds.

10. Soleil: March is the light at the end of the dark, wintry tunnel, which is why this “sunny” French name is a bright name for your baby.

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