The books on this list will make you feel good. From hilarious essays written by Judd Apatow to Jason Bigg鈥檚 wife Jenny Mollen and even a former one-hit-wonder musician, there are plenty of true tales that will keep you laughing. But if it鈥檚 pure escapism you鈥檙e looking for, there鈥檚 plenty of that too, with a novel about a family winery full of secrets and a memoir that gives an even crazier look behind the Wolf of Wall Street life. They鈥檙e juicy, smart reads perfect for those beginning-of-summer beach or pool days.


1. Sick In The Head ($20): If you鈥檙e watching Knocked Up on repeat and it isn鈥檛 enough for you to get your Judd Apatow fix, you鈥檙e in luck. Hollywood鈥榮 resident funny guy is releasing a book in which he talks comedy with big names like Lena Dunham, Jon Stewart, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock. Reading it feels like you鈥檙e eavesdropping on conversations you never would have been privy to otherwise. It鈥檚 a must-read for every comedy lover out there. (out June 16)


2. Proof of Forever ($13): This book isn鈥檛 on Amazon鈥檚 鈥100 Books Every YA Lover Should Read,鈥 but it鈥檚 pretty far up on our list. This buzzy debut from Lexa Hillyer is about four 17-year-olds who used to be camp besties, but now they are all but strangers to each other. But with the help of a time-traveling photo booth, they are given the chance to patch things up before they all head off to different colleges. (out June 2)


3. More Happy Than Not ($15): If you鈥檙e a YA lover, this is another book you should have on your radar. and are already raving about it. Aaron has had it pretty rough as a teenager. Living in the Bronx, things aren鈥檛 easy for his family, especially after his father commits suicide. He becomes friends with a guy named Thomas, and his life changes dramatically when he starts liking him as more than a friend. (out June 2)


4. Charlie, Presumed Dead ($13): Charlie, Presumed Dead starts with a funeral. A well-liked guy named Charlie supposedly died in an explosion. At the funeral, two strangers meet for the first time and discover they鈥檝e both dated Charlie鈥 at the same time! As they share their stories with each other, they get the nagging feeling that Charlie is still alive. This mystery novel will keep you reading way past bedtime. (out June 2)


5. Sweet Forgiveness ($12): Author Lori Nelson Spielman鈥檚 first novel, The Life List, is being made into a movie, and her new release is just as cinematic. In the book, everyone is obsessed with buying little pouches of stones called Forgiveness Stones. The idea behind them is that you give them to someone and when you鈥檙e seeking forgiveness. But a talk show host named Hannah thinks the whole thing is a gimmick. When the creator of the stones appears on her talk show, Hannah opens up about becoming estranged from her mother, prompting her to try to make amends years later. (out June 2)


6. Skyfaring ($17): Most of us take flying for granted, but Skyfaring (written by a former pilot) reminds us how extraordinary it really is. The weaving of history, science and anthropology make this a truly original read. It鈥檚 apparent that he loves everything about flying planes, which he details in beautiful, romantic prose. It鈥檚 an intriguing look at what it means to be a pilot 鈥 and a passenger 鈥 that will make you look at traveling in a whole new light. (out June 3)

the meursault investigation

7. The Meursault Investigation ($12): The New York Times recently ran a lengthy review praising this new novel, and the acclaim is right on the money. Written by Algerian journalist Kamel Daoud, the book is a response to The Stranger, Albert Camus鈥檚 famous novel. To mix things up, Daoud retells the tale from the viewpoint of the nameless Arab鈥檚 brother. Daoud鈥檚 writing is so effective and bold that Algerian officials have threatened his life. It鈥檚 a heavy, academic read, but well worth the discipline of reading it closely. (out June 2)

domino diaries

8. The Domino Diaries ($19): Even if you鈥檙e not a sports person, you鈥檒l get sucked into journalist Brin-Jonathan Butler鈥檚 colorful Cuban world. Butler gives a real insider鈥檚 look by letting readers in on his 10 years in Cuba and showing how the sport of boxing promises multimillion-dollar contracts to people who would otherwise be struggling to have enough money to eat. There are also lots of juicy bits, like the romantic details of his relationship with one of Fidel Castro鈥檚 granddaughters. (out June 9)


9. Twisted ($12): In this truly enjoyable read, writer Bert Ashe shares his first-hand experience about his attempt to grow dreadlocks. Spoiler alert: It鈥檚 not easy. Besides telling his personal story, he shares the broader cultural history of the hairstyle and touches upon issues such as race, gender, politics and identity. It鈥檚 an eye-opening read, but one that will keep you smiling from cover to cover. (out June 9)

judy blume

10. In the Unlikely Event ($17): This is without a doubt one of summer鈥檚 buzziest book. Forever author Judy Blume is back, this time with a novel for adults. It鈥檚 an intergenerational family drama based loosely on the true events of a series of plane crashes that occurred between 1951 and 1952. Blume was a teenager at the time of the plane crashes, which all occurred in her home state of New Jersey. The book follows various loved ones whose lives changed drastically after the crashes. (out June 2)

jenny mollen

11. I Like You Just the Way I Am ($12): If you鈥檙e looking for something to tie you over until Mindy Kaling鈥榮 new book comes out, funny girl Jenny Mollen鈥檚 book, I Like You Just The Way I Am, is right up your ally. If you aren鈥檛 familiar with her, you probably at least know her husband, Orange Is The New Black star Jason Biggs. Mollen is a former columnist, and her witty raunchiness shines through in this collection of true tales from her crazy Hollywood life. (out June 2)


12. After Perfect ($19): This is one of those real-life-is-crazier-than-fiction stories. Christina McDowell鈥檚 father was a Wall Street mogul and she grew up with the picture-perfect life. But when she was 18, her father was arrested for fraud, having laundered money in her name. As a parting gift before heading to prison, he left her in $100,00 worth of debt. Life as she knew it fell apart. This is the other side of Wolf of Wall Street, where behind all the glamour and greed are devastated victims whose lives were forever tainted. (out June 2)

field guide to awkward silences

13. A Field Guide to Awkward Silences ($19): Telling hilarious dispatches from her life, Alexandra Petri lets readers laugh along with her as she auditions for America鈥檚 Got Talent and America鈥檚 Next Top Model (both quite unsuccessfully), loses on Jeopardy! and experiences other truly embarrassing tales you鈥檒l be happy didn鈥檛 happen to you. But at the heart of it, she shows the freedom that comes with just being yourself, no matter how awkward things get. (out June 2)


14. Thank You, Goodnight ($20): Andy Abramowitz may be a Philadelphia lawyer now, but in the 鈥90s he was in a band with a pretty spectacular one-hit wonder. This book tells a collection of funny stories about how exactly he went from chart-topper to stuffy lawyer, while also including some heartfelt love stories straight from his own life. It鈥檚 so enjoyable that you鈥檒l be asking for an encore. (out June 2)


15. Eight Hundred Grapes ($17): Seeing as how this book is about a winery in California, we think it鈥檚 pretty much mandatory to read it with a glass of wine. The novel centers around a woman named Georgia, whose seemingly perfect fiance reveals a shocking secret right before their wedding. To cope, she flees to her family鈥檚 winery, where she discovers her parents are separating and selling their land to a big corporation. (out June 2)

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