20 Ink-redible Temporary Wedding Tattoos
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20 Ink-redible Temporary Wedding Tattoos

Weddings are all about declaring your love, and what better way to do that than by rocking a cool pair of matching tattoos? No, they don’t have to be permanent ones, unless that’s your style. Temporary tattoos are fun, on-trend and easy to remove once you’ve finished dancing ‘til you drop. Plus, they make great favors and can even come in handy for capturing creative wedding party pics. Ready to say “I do” to this ink-redible idea? These 20 tattoos make it easy to wear your heart (or just about anything else) on your sleeve.

1. Team Bride ($8 for 10): Okay, so maybe you wouldn’t wear this quirky tattoo to the actual wedding, but what about the bachelorette party? Stick it on for a funny finishing touch that’s way cooler than a light-up tiara.

2. DIY: Need even more bachelorette bash inspo? DIY tattoos, created using free downloads or your own imagination, will help make it a last fling to remember. (via Studio Eleven Photography)

3. Now or Never ($5 for 2): Choose this script tattoo instead of a traditional necklace for a modern, one-of-a-kind bridal look.

4. Henna-Inspired ($25 for 4 sheets): Along with being totally on-trend, henna-inspired flash tattoos look just as gorgeous as actual jewelry.

5. I Heart You ($5 for 2): Whether you’ve written your own vows or are going the traditional route, this sweet tattoo can help reveal exactly what’s in your heart.

6. Classic Red Heart ($5 for 2): Remember what we said earlier about wearing your heart on your sleeve? This darling tattoo lets you wear it anywhere you want.

7. Taken ($10): Just in case there was any lingering doubt, this tattoo tells the world you’re officially spoken for.

8. Love ($3 for 2): ‘Cause at the end of the day, love really is all you need.

9. Forever ($5 for 2): From the dramatic block lettering to the heartfelt message, this terrific tat is a wedding-day must.

10. XO ($6 for 3 pairs): Seal your “I do” with an extra special hug and kiss.

11. Arrows ($8 for 2): Cupid’s arrow strikes again. Customize these hip tats with your names or initials.

12. Rings ($25 for 15): Though not as lovely as your actual bling, ring tattoos make an eye-catching addition to your day.

13. Bridesmaid ($10 for 5): Bridesmaids, represent! These delicate tattoos help give your girls a cohesive look, no matching dresses required.

14. Diamonds ($12 for 30): Want to carry the fun even further? Diamond tattoos are a bridesmaid’s best friend.

15. Today Is The Day ($5 for 2): Looks like these guys have a fun surprise up their sleeves. Snag this snazzy set of tattoos, and you will too. (Photo via Kellie Kano Photography)

16. Mr. + Mrs. ($3 per pair): Share your new titles in a way that’s funky and classy all at once with this subtle set of Mr. and Mrs. removables.

17. Yay Burst ($5 for 2): Bursting with joy? Go ahead and share the excitement comic book-style.

18. Be Married ($40 for 25): Featuring the infinity symbol, a tandem bicycle and more, these tats look equally awesome whether worn separately or all together. Set up a tattoo bar at the reception and let guests have a blast mixing and matching.

19. Custom Portrait ($200 for 50 bride and 50 groom tattoos): How cute are these cartoon-style tattoos? Hand them out during the reception as the ultimate wedding favor.

20. Kiss ($9 for 15): Share a kiss in a whole new way by busting out these colorful lip tattoos during the reception or after-party.

Ready to get (temporarily) inked? Share your favorite temporary tattoo designs below!