Skiing the slopes, walking through the New York City slush or sipping on an evening hot cocoa — you know what would go well with any of these occasions? A little nip of booze. And now, like a booze-barrel-around-its-neck St. Bernard, you too can be ready in such situations. Because someone went and made Mitten Flask.

Mitten Flask comes with two red knittedmittens. One is just your regular, everyday red mitten, but the other contains a zippered pouch, which holds a flask with a spill-proof bite valve (the kind you see on water bottles). It’s like a Camelback, but for hot toddies and boozy hot chocolate.

And since everything, especially dranking, is best in moderation, the one small flask means you’ll keep your head on straight. Which is good considering all that slippery ice you might have to contend with. This must-have accessory will be available in November for $18 a pair, and we can’t wait to try them out for our next ski party and get them for all of our boozehound besties for the holidaze.

Would you wear these mitten flasks? What boozy drinks would you drink from them? Tell us in the comments below!