We all know that everything is better with sparkle. White decor is more dazzling when paired with silver, any decor looks more luxurious with gold and eclectic styles are enhanced with copper — but have you considered mixing and matching all three? Matchy-matchy is taking a backseat to a mixed metal style sensibility this season, and we’re convinced that the world is better for it. Check out how to make the most of this sparkling trend.

Brushed and shiny

1. Different Textures: A great trick to make sure your metals look glam without going over the top is to play with different textures. The brushed metal of this coffee table pairs well with the impact of the wall ornament without overwhelming the space. (via Decorpad)

Different tones

2. Different Tones: Just as different textures can add complementary layers, so can different tones. Choosing various shades of the same metal adds depth to a design. (via Let Me Wear That)


3. Dominant Metals: Consider deciding on one dominant metal and adding pops of others for aesthetic intrigue. The gold in this room takes center stage, while the silver accents round it out. (via Sadie + Stella)


4. Eclectic Play: If your style is more eclectic, you might be unsure about adding different metals to the mix. But when used as subtle details, mixed metals can actually make your presentation appear more polished. (via InStyle)

Gallery wall

5. Gallery Wall: A gallery wall is a great way to play with this trend without overcommitting yourself. The mixed-and-matched frames in this room add just the right amount of personality to make it shine. (via Refinery29)

Home office 2

6. Office Dress-Up: Don’t save all the sparkle for your living room and bedroom! Your home office is begging to explore this style. Look to eclectic wall decor and on-trend desk accessories to nail the trend. (via Lauren Loves)

Home office

7. Fanciful Office: A different take on the home office shows that you can make this look work no matter your style sensibilities. Feminine touches and modern details play well with the mixed metal trend. (via The Glitter Guide)

Mirror metals

8. Mirrored Metals: Not all that glitters is gold. This mirrored dresser serves to open up the space, and the gilded accents complement the overall look. (via Joss & Main)

9. Accent Play: If commitment isn’t really your thing, try playing with different accents. Silver and gold pieces elevate this look, and they can be easily replaced if and when you grow tired of ’em.


10. Metal Minimalism: Even those who prefer the understated quality of minimalism can enjoy mixed metals. This copper statement piece shines brightly, while the soft chrome of the table and chair quietly enhance the look. (via Bolaget)


11. Perfect Mix: This look demonstrates just how luxe mixing textures, tones and finishes can be without looking gaudy and over-the-top. So don’t be shy — try ’em all! (via Better Homes and Gardens)

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