What better way to see what hairstyle hacks to bust out next here at Brit HQ than to take a cue from you! Well, actually, your Google searches. Last month, InStyle compiled a list of the 20 most searched-for celebrity hairstyles of 2014 so far, and today, we’re showing you how to recreate the top three looks. Lucky for you, the winning ‘dos are all really simple to execute, yet majorly effective in delivering a sophisticated finish. Beyoncé’s waves are a style that should definitely be in rotation for short-haired gals. Miss Emma Stone is channeling that undone lob, which is great for the gal on the go. And finally, leave it to Taylor Swift to pull out the glamour card in a majorly approachable fashion that can be worn by girls with all hair lengths and to just about any event.

Beyoncé’s Crimped Bob

We’re crazy in love with Beyoncé’s loosely crimped crop. Here’s how to make your locks just as ***Flawless.

1. Place a heavy side part in your hair using a rat tail comb ($3).

2. Pin the top section of one side of your hair away and back with a duckbill clip. You’ll start curling the bottom part of your hair first.

3. While your curling iron warms up, apply a heat-protecting setting spray to your strands like Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($17).

4. Add curls using a ¼-inch barreled curling iron and curl away from your face.

5. Keep curling on this side from the bottom up and continue to pin hair away while curling the sub sections to allow easier movement.

6. When you move on to curl the other side of your head, make sure to curl in the opposite direction so that the curls unfurl in the same direction.

7. Use your fingers to stretch and loosen the curls for a more textured look.

Emma Stone’s Easy Lob

The only time we love Emma Stone’s locks more than when they’re dolled up is when they’re dressed down. Learn how to nail an A-lister-approved everyday look in just five steps.

1. Place a heavy side part in your hair using a rat tail comb ($3). Sweep your bangs to one side.

2. Apply a dry shampoo to your roots for volume — we’re loving Tresemme Fresh Start Dry Shampoo ($7).

3. Use your fingers to blend in the product.

4. Back comb all of your hair at the roots.

5. Smooth over the outer layer gently.

Taylor Swift’s Glamour Waves

Taylor Swift is the everygirl glamour gal, and this hairstyle shows why. It’s no sweat to wear this style to both fancy fêtes (with a bright red lip, of course), Sunday brunches or those times when you need to dress it up to Shake It Off.

1. Place a heavy side part in your hair using a rat tail comb ($3).

2. Use a heat-protecting setting spray Kenra Platinum Hot Spray ($17) on each section of your hair prior to curling to help the curls set without damaging your strands.

3. Grab a four-inch section of hair from the front top section of your part and curl it away from your face using a 1 1/2-inch curling iron. Then pin in place using a duck bill clip.

4. Move on to the next four-inch section of hair and repeat step three. Then move on to a third section of four-inch hair and repeat step three again. You should have three succeeding pin curls when you’re finished.

5. Straighten the rest of your hair with a flat iron. Gently round the ends for a chic, soft finish.

6. Once you have finished with the flat iron, remove the pin curls from the clips.

7. Use your fingers to slightly loosen the curls into waves.

8. Once you’ve nailed the shape, set the look with a finishing spray like KMS Dry Wax Spray ($19) for a firm hold that will not make you have crunchy hairspray hair!

9. Pull your hair on the opposite side behind your ear and give it a spray with the finishing wax to complete the look.

Which celebs give you the most #hairenvy? Who makes the cut as YOUR top beauty searches? Tell us in the comments below.