Choosing a baby name is a huge deal. It’s one of the first major decisions you’ll make in their life and will affect them every day for the rest of it (no pressure). You don’t want to pick a name that’s too popular… but then again, you don’t want one of those crazy celebrity baby names either. You also need a name with meaning, like one inspired by a lyrical poet or someone who could wield a six-string like few in history. Now that’s something that will inspire a good naming story. To get your head swaying with possibilities, we’ve put together 25 baby names that totally rock.

1. (Jimmy) Hendrix: Pay homage to one of the late greats by using his last name as your little one’s first name. Everyone knows that names with an “x” in them score major cool points. (via Gallery Hip)

2. (Joan) Jett: How cute would the name Jett sound for a boy? And he won’t even care that you named him after a girl once he discovers the awesomeness that is The Runaways. (via Rick)

3. Kurt (Cobain): A name that says, “Come as you are.” Kurt was a poet with a name that will immediately make your kid the cool one in class. (via BBC)

4. Lars (Ulrich): Meaning “victorious” in Scandinavian, Lars also happens to be the name of one of rock and roll’s most influential drummers and living legends. (via BT)

5. Fiona (Apple): Relive your own angsty teen years and pay homage to the only voice that could possibly understand what was going on inside that strange body of yours. (via ATRL)

6. Gwen (Stefani): She might not be a holla back girl, but she is a girl that anyone would be proud to share a name with. Gwen’s own three boys all have musically inspired names too (Kingston James McGregor, Zuma Nesta Rock and Apollo Bowie Flynn). (via Channing the City)

7. (Alice) Cooper: He’s credited with helping shape the look and sound of rock and roll, and his career spans more than five decades. If that’s not reason enough to name your little bundle of joy after the “godfather of shock rock,” than we don’t know what is. (via The Press Democrat)

8. (George) Harrison: This is a name that sounds just as good when you’re down on your hands and knees cheering on a crawling baby as when you’re taking him to tour universities. Who knows? Maybe he’ll major in music and play 26 instruments like his namesake. (via Gallery Hip)

9. Debbie (Harry): The more formal version of the name, Deborah, was ranked as the second most popular name back in 1955 by the Social Security Administration. Classic baby names are making a comeback, so make sure you claim this one quick. (via Fem Side)

10. Keith (Richards): Who wouldn’t want to name their offspring after one of the founding members of the Rolling Stones and father to pirate Jack Sparrow? It’s a no brainer, matey. (via LL News)

11. Lita (Ford): Guitarist for the all-girl punk band The Runaways, this is one girl who rocks just as much as her name does. It has a retro flair to it and is unique enough that you don’t hear it often. (via Salas Palace)

12. Florence (Welch): We can’t get enough of Florence Welch + The Machine, or her name. It’s a name we’ve all heard, but do you actually know anyone with it? It’s about time we change that. (via Hollywood Life)

13. (Bob) Dylan: This socially aware songwriter spoke up about real issues in his songs, and that’s a quality any parent would be proud of. His unisex last name will get you a few nods from all the other cool moms. (via Listen Here Reviews)

14. Janis (Joplin): This one means “a gift from god” in Hebrew, and considering the one-of-a-kind soulful sound of the original JJ, the meaning is spot-on. (via New York Post)

15. Freddie (Mercury): Be bold and go with the name Freddie for your little man. He’ll stand out among the more prim and proper Fredricks in the group, just like the frontrunner of Queen. Little known fact: Freddie was a cat person and called home to talk to them. (via That One Video Gamer)

16. (Patti) Smith: This is another example of the increasingly popular trend (and with good reason) of using a common last name as a first name. And when it comes to female rockers, you can hardly get any cooler than Patti Smith. (via uniFrance Films)

17. Stevie (Nicks): Derived from the latin Stephanos, meaning a crown, your little girl will feel like royalty carrying around this Silver Springs songstress’s name. (via Fleetwood Mac News)

18. Elton (John): Classic with a cool edge, Elton is a name that not only has impressive star power behind it, but will also transition well from tiny tot to grown man. With two boys of his own, Zachary and Elijah, the original Elton knows the lifelong importance of a good name. (via Mirror)

19. (Tina) Turner: The last-names-as-first-names trend isn’t going anywhere, especially with great choices like Turner floating around. (via MTV)

20. (David) Bowie: Though this name could technically work for a boy (Gwen Stefani chose it for her youngest son’s middle name), how cute would it be to call your little princess Bo for short? (via Den Of Geek)

21. (Annie) Lennox: The popular ‘x’ ending strikes again. (via DJ N2)

22. Axl Rose: We’re opening up both Axl and Rose for awesome rock baby names. And hey, if you want to name your little boy Axl and your girl Rose, we’re not about to say anything about it. (via Nolan Dalla)

23. (Elvis) Presley: It may have started out as the king’s last name, but these days Presley is totally becoming a girl thing. We’re sure his own only daughter, Lisa Marie, would approve of it. (via Nate D. Sanders)

24. (Tracy) Chapman: Not even in the top 1,000 baby names, you’ll never have to worry about there being a ton of kids around with the same name. (via CBS Boston)

25. (Michael) Jackson: Everyone loves a little classic MJ. Our own Brit even chose Jackson as her new little man’s middle name. (via Cultever)

Which one of these names makes you feel like dancing? Talk to us in the comments!