Ah… napkin folding. It’s like origami, except with cloth. If it isn’t considered art, we definitely think it should be. There are dozens of ways, shapes and tricks for your napkins, but the underlying motive is always the same: to dress up your table and set the tone for your meal. Once you’ve picked out your fave napkin inspo below, follow these easy tutorials to recreate it yourself. If you thought that napkin folding was outdated or fussy, these 11 simple techniques might just change your mind.

1. Handkerchief Fold: This fold is especially dramatic if you have napkins with contrasting edges. (via A Comfy Haven)

2. Pocket Fold: This simple pocket fold is a great way to display a menu, quote, place card or even a photo. (via The Chic Party)

3. Gathered Fold: Nothing will make a napkin look better than a sparkly napkin ring. Trust us. (via Style Me Pretty)

4. Sail Fold: Okay, so we may have named this fold ourselves, but doesn’t it look exactly like the sails on a sailboat? (via Storyboard Wedding)

5. Leaf Fold: Let your guests know exactly where they’re sitting at your Thanksgiving table with this leaf fold technique. (via Smarty Had a Party)

6. Pyramid Fold: Here is an easy and classic fold that will make you look like a professional napkin folder. (via Southern Weddings)

7. Bow Tie Fold: Who wouldn’t smile at the giant bow sitting on their plate? It’s so cute, your guests might be reluctant to use it for dinner. (via Style Me Pretty)

8. French Pleat Fold: Here’s one more simple napkin folding technique that could easily show off your dinner menu. (via The Bride Link)

9. Wrapped Napkin Fold: This fold is slightly unusual because it highlights the salad plate instead of the napkin, but we think unique is great. (via Green Wedding Shoes)

10. Bouquet Napkin Fold: Got flowers to spare? This napkin fold will liven up your table — we’re thinking it’s perfect for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or any anniversary. (via Smarty Had a Party)

11. Shirt Fold: Feeling extra fancy? Print your menu on a paper tie and slip it on top of this folded shirt napkin. (via The Wedding Chicks)

Do you have a favorite napkin fold? Tell us about it in the comments below!