Happy Halloween! We have been obsessed with this holiday since August, no lie. Of course you’re all set with the best costumes, the best party decorations and the best movie lineup. The only thing missing is these super awesome pumpkins carved by the folks at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory for their annual pumpkin carving contest (which isn’t actually judged). So what exactly do rocket scientists create when given a pumpkin and told to use their imagination?

You get a useless machine that turns itself off when you turn it on.

Throw in Ms. Pac-Man with a rigged-up diorama for good measure.

Create Darth Vader’s hideout, because why not.

Make a swing carousel. This is some seriously next-level, badass pumpkin sorcery.

Host a GOURD BARBECUE and invite the neighborhood.

Build a festive pumpkin birthday machine. (We have a feeling these guys aced their science projects in school.)

Don’t ever let anyone say that engineers aren’t creative! If people say something isn’t rocket science, then you know that when actual rocket scientists do it, it’s gonna be great. Case in point: These pumpkins are seriously awesome.

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(h/t The Verge, photo via Getty)