You may have completely opposite personalities, but your siblings are your first friends growing up, and you go through A LOT together. Whether you’re sharing stylish clothes, starting a business together or reminiscing over awkward family photos, you’ll always be there for each other. Show your sibs you care on National Sibling Day with one of these clever gifts they are sure to love.


1. Good Habit Be Delighted Subscription: ($8): Good Habit’s subscription box will deliver healthy snacks and surprises to your siblings’ office, perfect for the days they need a pick-me-up. Whether they’re trying to stay fit or always forgetting to eat breakfast, there’s a box to suit their needs.


2. Turntable Kitchen Coffee Pairing ($25): If your sibling is a music and coffee snob, then they’ll love this subscription box. Turntable Kitchen offers a vinyl pairing alongside fresh-roasted beans from Sightglass Coffee, a sibling-owned company.


3. Mason Jar Shaker ($50): You guys may have snuck sips of cocktails from all those family weddings you attended as teens, but we think it’s about time your siblings make their own boozy drinks. Every cocktail connoisseur will love this unique set.


4. Partners in Crime Bracelet ($35): Slip one of these matching handcuff bracelets around your wrists as a quirky reminder of all the trouble you got into growing up.


5. Tardis Freaker ($10): For the Dr. Who fan in your life, this freaker keeps drinks hot and cold and fits all-sized drinks. Your sibling will just have to decide between coffee or champagne on Saturday morning.


6. Homemade Gin Kit ($50): Cocktail enthusiasts like to DIY too. This kit lets your siblings brew their own gin. Just be sure they invite you over for a tasting party!

7. Beer Kit & Brew Club Subscription ($120): If your siblings’ booze of choice is beer, then they’ll love the Brooklyn Brew Shop’s Beer Kit Quarterly Brew Club, which sends them three new seasonal brews before they hit the shelves.


8. Bacon Socks ($6): Maybe your bro or sis is living the all-bacon-everything lifestyle (#jealous). Add to their tasty collection with silly socks that will keep them nice and cozy.


9. Threadless “Freddie Mercury” Shirt ($25): Your “punny” brother or sister is sure to get a laugh out of this.


10. Working Man’s Hygiene Kit ($50): Even the toughest of men need some TLC. While they might not seek it out, they’ll be extra grateful for the soaps and scrubs.


11. Handwritten Initial Necklace ($74): We love how simple this necklace is. You can get it in your first initial or your last name to match your sister!


12. Stick with Me Sweets Handmade Candies ($36): These small batch candies come in unusual flavors, like mango-passionfruit caramel. After years of wrestling, tattling and generally bugging each other, show them your sweet side.

Do you have any unique gifts you think we should be giving our siblings this year? Be sure to leave ’em in the comments!