Your sister is your partner in crime, your best friend (and occasional frenemy) who sticks by your side no matter what. And if you鈥檙e anything like some of these 16 stylish sisters, you鈥檙e even crazy creative together. To honor our BFFs who we share genes and jeans with, we thought we鈥檇 turn to some of the most visible siblings out there. These 16 celebrity sisters show that a sister is the perfect companion for style, laughter, fun and maybe even going into business together. Here are our favorite sibs 鈥 besides our own, of course.

1. Pippa and Kate Middleton: Playing princess with your sister as a child usually doesn鈥檛 lead to a real kingdom unless you actually marry a prince. Through Kate鈥檚 transformation from student to Duchess, her dear sister Pippa has been a rock of compassion, support and, may we say, some serious style (remember her maid-of-honor dress?). (via Pure People)

2. Penelope and Monica Cruz: These Latin beauties are truly a power couple when it comes to creativity. Between both of their acting careers, they鈥檝e still managed to find time to launch fashion lines, become stunning moms and have always looked gorgeous while doing it. (via Bekia)

3. Miley and Brandi Cyrus: Oh, Miley. We never really know what to make of you, but we can definitely connect over having fun with our sisters. Brandi has supported Miley through all of her changes, standing by her side and even serving as her date for awards shows. Could you honestly ask for anything more from your sis? (via Fanpop)

4. Zooey and Emily Deschanel: We get wanting to grow up to be like your sister, but the Deschanel girls took that passion pretty literally. Both are star actresses on hit TV shows: Emily on Bones and Zooey on New Girl. Their matching dark hair and blue eyes make them practically look like twins. But hey, half the fun of being sisters is tricking people who try to tell you apart, right? (via Bijou Kaleidoscope)

5. Venus and Serena Williams: We love this pair, and not just because they鈥檙e tennis champs changing the world for female athletes everywhere. Despite their fierce competition, they leave the game on the court and can always unwind together with some good laughs. (via NY Times)

6. Elle and Dakota Fanning: These two leading ladies have been acting since they could barely walk, and they have the impressive array of awards to prove it. Besides being rising Hollywood starlets, the Fanning sisters are taking over the fashion scene, too! (via E Online)

7. Cara and Poppy Delevigne: This dynamic fashion duo are equally comfortable messing around and making silly faces at one another as they are hamming it up for the cameras. But when it comes time to get serious, these stunning siblings know how to strike a pose. Talk about sharing good genes. (via Fashion Soundtrack)

8. The Olsen Sisters: We grew up with Mary-Kate and Ashley, but it was only a few years ago that their younger sister Elizabeth also came onto the scene. The multi-million dollar trio are all accomplished actresses 鈥 MK + A鈥檚 line of contemporary women鈥檚 clothing is even named after their lil sis. How鈥檚 that for a family business? (via Poise and Vogue)

9. Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon: Speaking of style, these French sisters were probably born looking Vogue cover-ready. The daughters of the iconic Jane Berkin have plenty of cool, chic sense between the two of them. The respective actress and model have perfected the effortlessly casual look. Can you imagine being able to 鈥渟hop鈥 in each other鈥檚 closets? Le sigh. (via Pure People)

10. Hilary and Haylie Duff: We remember this blonde dynamo duo looking adorable together on the Kids鈥 Choice Awards Carpet back when Hilary was Lizzy McGuire. These two are all grown-up now, you can spot Hilary鈥檚 little one Luca all over Aunt Haylie鈥檚 Instagram, and Hilary in her sister鈥檚 鈥渞eal girl鈥 kitchen. (via E Online)

11. Jodie and Danielle Snyder: The sisters behind crave-worthy, celeb-adored jewelry company Dannijo used to DIY jewelry in middle school using their father鈥檚 medical tools. They didn鈥檛 stop living the #iamcreative dream, reuniting in NYC after college to join forces on what would become a cult jewelry favorite. (via New York Times)

12. Jessica and Ashlee Simpson: These two have come quite a ways from Ashlee鈥檚 SNL debacle and Jessica鈥檚 鈥渃hicken of the sea鈥 confusion. Through the rough times they鈥檝e stood together, Jess even shared that Ashlee set the tone for her recent nuptials. (via Billboard)

13. Britney and Jamie Lynn Spears: Aw, y鈥檃ll, it鈥檚 pretty darn cute to see these two all over each other鈥檚 Instagrams and Twitter feeds even today. While their innocent Nick and Disney days may be long gone, these sisters have always had a super loving, super supportive relationship. Now they even duet together. Aw, again. (via MTV)

14. Tia and Tamera Mowry: How could we have a sister countdown without the stars of one of our fave鈥檚 Sister, Sister on the list? Answer, we couldn鈥檛. We鈥檇 be lying if we said these spunky twins didn鈥檛 steal our hearts in the 鈥90s. Now with a new show on Style following their lives beyond the camera, the sisters are at it again. We鈥檙e pumped that we can still watch one of our favorite families grow up. (via US)

15. The Kardashians: Of course we have to include the Kardashians in this roundup. You may know 鈥檈m for their reality show, but remember, these ladies are entrepreneurs, designers and #girlboss, personal brand superstars. Now with superstar husbands, exes, children, nieces and nephews, the clan is growing and we can鈥檛 wait to see what they do next. (via Emirates Woman)

16. Beyonce and Solange Knowles: Leaving the elevator incident aside for a moment, Queen Bey and Solange have made some sweet music together. And don鈥檛 get us started on their insane style. Despite their busy schedules, they always figure out a way to spend time together. And that, if nothing else, is what sisterly love is all about. And sharing clothes, which you know is pretty epic in the Knowles clothing exchange鈥(via Got Celeb)

Did we miss any of your favorite celeb sisters? What special bonds do you share with your siblings? Let us know below.